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Thursday, February 20, 2003


Why does Angelina think I'm saying Kangway when I say WRONGWAY. Hmm. She spends all her time finding him. I'm glad Nobu is fairly easy to find. Except one time he hid in the computer lab when he was sad. But nevertheless I found him. Anyway, I keep randomly switching between feeling like I am incredibly popular and feeling like I have no friends. It is weird. I mean, I know people hang out in other places at school because I am hanging with Nobu, and seroiusly, I feel like it's mean to carry on conversations for long periods of time with other people when I'm sitting with Nobu. Even if he doesn't talk at all, it's still like I'm ignoring him. But other than him, sometimes I'm just swamped with people, fighting them off with sticks practically. And then... sometimes... I'm totally ALONE. And I decided that other than like torture, aloneness is my worst fear. AAAH!! Even worse than Zuke! I think I just need more friends I can hang out with JUST them. When I think about the list, it is not particularly long. There's Jono of course, but he's closer than friends usually are. And then Angelina, doesn't have any time, and she doesn't want to do social stuff that doesn' involve boys. And then there's... Iiaeaux, and her life revolves around her and I don't have very good advice. Hmm... I think guys are my only hope. However, it's generally a non-practice to hang out one on one with guys if you are a girl with a boyfriend. I guess there's always summer, when he will be gone forever. Wow, that makes me feel so much better. RaR. Yeah yeah, let's go through my list of guys. Kangway wants to hang around Angelina obviously, Peaches... uh... group person... seeee it's pathetic. And then sometimes everyone is like MOMOMOMOMOMOMOMO!!!!!!!!!!!! RaR! Well, I guess I'm gonna go now. Enough rambling.

mo posted at 5:35 PM.