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Friday, February 21, 2003


Okay, I have a fun little dillema. First of all, I was planning on having a really strange Saturday tomorrow. The plan was to basically go to the ICTM math thing in the morning, and then after that, go to Jono's house and play onimusha all the way through, for like 5 hours or so. I'm sure we would end up basically just eating and being stupid, but it sounded fun anyway. Only, Jono said something about this in front of Nobu and he's like "Nobu should come too, he can tell us what they say!" and uh... basically Nobu told me he wanted to do something with me tomorrow, only without anyone else, because he doesn't like anyone else. Why he likes me then escapes me, since I'm just like everyone else. So basically, I have to come up with a fun activity for me and Nobu to do tomorrow, and then somehow squeeze in my onimusha marathon later this weekend. This is definitely one of those days when I feel like I'm fighting my friends off with sticks. Haha. Well anyway, my mom's idea is that me and Nobu can go to the union, or something like that, and then go to my dad's office when we need rides home. Sounds good to me, although Nobu is quite picky about plans, and I hope it is acceptible. If not, then I am doomed! DOOM!!! RaR! AND, we have oodles of homework, kinda. Well the stupid history test that we SHOULD be done with by now, the Health thing that is not done at all, since we just talked about philosophy and depression during health, and 3, count them, 3 fake reading logs to write for English! Plus I have to find overalls from Jono's mom or something. AAAAA!!! AND tomorrow I have all this junk and on sunday I still have orchestra. At least there are no more cello competitons. I think I need to find spiffy cello music somewhere. Or even viola or violin, I can take it down an octave or so. I feel like I'm getting to the point, where I'm actually playing stuff I a) know and b) sounds cool. I just like sightreading and perfecting for like, a few weeks, but then moving onto something else. That either means I need to get really really good, or I have a very short attention span. Oh well. I also want to learn guitar this summer. Last summer the plan FAILED miserably. The half Jewish agnostic democrats or whatever we were, didn't exist. My mom says I can learn guitar though, I mean, I can teach myself (oh no, I'm starting to sound like Avril Lavigne!!!) and go from there. My mom's guitar is weird though. I gotta figure it out. Slichter can do really nice guitar-ish stuff even on his cello, so therefore, I can learn too. Slichter is not a cello god, but he's pretty close. He's closer to me than some people I know, which is good, I need an attainable goal. Anyway, I think that I should go do something now... like.... homework? Guitar? ERF? Maybe look up cello music, or at least what the hell half pizz is. Yepyep, friday night plans.

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