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Sunday, February 23, 2003

...zenzen dekimasen...

I woke up... finished the Health thing which says "Isaac Asimov, Aliens cured my dandruff"... then I went to Old Navy and the Gap, and bought guy pants. One is greenish and one is brownish, and they are sexy and comfortable. Then I came home, and studied history with Angelina for two hours on the phone, or something, and then went to orchestra. It was good, and we played cool stuff, except I REALLY need to practice. Then I went to Jono's house, and we played onimusha for about an hour and a half. The coolest thing was the PANDA SUIT. He was so fucking awesome in the Panda suit. We decided we could imagine Nobu in the panda suit holding a sword, being a samurai and killing demons. Anyway, then we found a cowboy bebop tape and went upstairs to his parents' room and tried to watch it, but he tried to turn off the lights for maximum cowboy bebop effect, but that also controlled the TV turning off, so it didn't work. Anyway we just watched the first episode, and then we had to drive me back home. And here I am. I guess I haven't had time to reflect today, so yeah. I think I should study the last history flowchart, and then I will be ready for the test. BUT... Nobu sent me the coolest site. It's a site for Japanese people to learn English, but even if you know no Japanese, it's ok. Also, at Jono's house, we just shouted random Japanese, like when Jono's mom asked Jono if he wanted some apple juice he said "ZEN ZEN DEKIMASEN" and she's like "Mo what does that mean" and I'm like, "it means 'i can't do it at all'"... heh. And I would shout "sensei, oni o koroshitemoiidesuka?" Which means "sensei, may I kill the demons"... so that was awesome. It's the last time I will hang out at that house. New house, here they come. Apparently we're going over there next weekend. Jono is coming over on Tuesday after school while they move. Yayyyyyyyness. Anyway, Nobu sent me the website, and here it is:

Learn some valuable english!

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