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Monday, February 24, 2003

...any god who will listen...

Today, we had a history test. I will describe my "mystical" experience, although it happens a lot, this particular one is amusing. OK, so the question was something like, "What were the reasons that the Ottomans could so easily control from Asia Minor?" and this was directly from a flowchart, a 4 descriptor box. I remembered the first three quite easily: The use of Janissaries and gunpowder for a strong military, good sultans and bureaucrats, centralized geographical location of Asia Minor, but I couldn't remember the last one. So I was sitting in the history room, staring at the test, thinking "Any god who will listen, let me remember the last reason..." and then it just came to me. It just came back that second. And the answer was, control of religion. Hahaha.

Second thing I have to write about today is also about school. Don't worry, number 3 is about nonschool. Anyhow, it was english. And, basically, how my group was pissing me off. Alright, my group is, in alphabetical order by first name, Alejandra, Angelina, Hannah, Max, Mo, Lucas. However, they are sooooooo annoying. First of all, Lucas is just the most annoying person to work with in the history of the world. He dominates every discussion no matter what, and he yells at anyone who complains. Also, I know him too well. I don't think he used to brag and bother everyone quite this much. I know how much he hates everything, and how he acts completely in control of himself, and better than everyone. And, when someone says something the least bit non-morbid, he has to go in and say that his life sucks to no end or something. Well you know what, he has a pretty good life. His family has money, he goes to a good school, whether he recognizes it or not, he does have friends. Anyway, that was about Lucas, but he makes the rest of the group unpleasant. At first, he wasn't in my group, and I thought "YES, finally, an english group where i don't have to decide between all girls or Angelina and Lucas" like usual. However, I am stuck in another Lucas group again. Fuck. And then, the rest of the group just falls to pieces when he's around. Hannah is giggling about sex, which I wouldn't mind so much, but Lucas yelling at her, which makes me upset. And then Max always says they don't let him be productive, and he's ignored, which he pretty much is, and then Lucas pretty much cusses him out too. Alejandra is fine, except when she accidentally messes with Lucas. And Angelina was pretty much too dead to do anything, but I bet it was made worse from bad Lucas vibes. GRRRRR. I think I'm done ranting on that subject. Let's just say that I'm very very glad it will be done tomorrow.

Number three, basically only Angelina will get this. Nobu is sick. RAR!!! I didn't end up being able to count either, since I was obviously bad at it. Anyway, he's like "I think I got my cold from you." Gee, thanks. Wow, 2 days. That's pretty quick, right? He kept breathing on me. UGH. GERMS. HELLOOOOOO??? Maybe he wants to get even. Haha. He wore his "I wish I could fly" shirt again today, and people asked if I got it for him. I was flattered, but I didn't. I find it amusing that he knows to shop at hot topic. Or is able to anyway.

Spike! From COWBOY BEBOP... next we need samanosuke! Am I ONLY going to put imaginary pretty Japanese boys on here?

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