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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

...ook shmagook...

Don't have time for much. The history paper, I have some possible topics, but I won't tell you in case you steal them. No one will get my onimusha one either, but Jono suggested it. I saw the sheet and I was like "china... japan... YES!" Hahahahahahaha. RaR. Jono came over after school today why his family was moving. We did Japanese and listened to Third Eye Blind and Sum 41. It was fun. And we ate lots of cheez its. YES. And here I have a great site for you, from the most helpful guy ever, Nobu.

the best part is when osama talks to miss cleo...

And here is the quote of the day:

Sensei: *is explaining a kanji*...if a tree is in a box then--
Peaches: BONSAI!

Haha it's better in context, oh well. I practiced cello for an hour and a half, and spent like 20 minutes on a two measure passage that i still don't get. Oi. This tchaikovsky is driving me crazy.

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