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Monday, March 31, 2003


Okay, so I was flying in this spaceship, trying to escape from this Arnold Schwarzenegger type guy. The ship could just shrink down to microscopic size though so he wouldn't be able to see us. We escaped. I went to the Japanese room. Angelina was there, she had a haircut, and was wearing a red sweater and black pants. Kangway was there, but he had his nice long hair still. There was a dog. It kept biting my hand, but it just felt squished, not like, skin broken. I had to escape again. This time it was with Adrian (I think). Odd. We were walking around downtown (I suppose we had the spaceship in a pocket), but I saw Lucas on the other side of the street. We were missing and it was all over the news with our picture, and I knew Lucas would recognize me and turn me in. So I had to pretend to be Adrian's girlfriend to be inconspicuous (apparently in my dream I had a crush on him even though I don't in real life). So then we made it into a building. Later on I went back to Uni, and accidentally walked in on Catherine Zeta-Jones making a deal with some guy, about this genetically modified animal she had created. It had the genes of a fish and a dog put together, which apparently made it extra ferocious. I ran away, and all over the school, people had been bitten by this dog, rabid or something. Al Renner was one of them. He was sitting in the office with his hand bandaged. The door was closed. The school was on a red alert. I got my stuff and went into the old subbie lounge (which was quite large, enough to fit every student in the school comfortably in) and sat next to Kangway, after falling on him. I looked out the windows waiting for my mom to pull up and pick me up.

That was a REALLY odd dream. The cool thing is that my prediction was right... or at least, Angelina's haircut. I looked at her today and I was seriously scared. Psychic Mo. And The Catherine Zeta-Jones thing is a direct effect of having seen Chicago. Everything else... well, that's up to you.

Dear Parents,

Konan Boys' High School has selected a candidate for our annual exchange. Ryosuke Yabukami is 15 years old (birthday: February 24). Apparently his friends call him "Yabu." He is on the basketball and swim teams at Konan. He enjoys reading and shopping. Ryosuke's basketball coach wrote: "His character is very cheerful and attractive, and he is always at the center of the club as a mood maker." About living with a host family, Yabu has written: "I have a strong desire to get to know my host family. I am sure there will be some differences in our ways of thinking, but I would like to be able to understand each other and live together. At home I would like to talk with my host family and go out with them on the weekends and holidays. Even after I finish studying in America, I would like to keep in touch with my host family. That would be great."

How many people think the theme of that is, "He's NOTHING like Nobu, don't worry folks"? Well that's basically it. They hated the last guy, so now they gotta find someone "different." If he really is so different, I guess he will be pretty boring. I have to remember to stay away from him, although I'm hoping talking to him is not out of the question altogether. As long as I don't use my sexy Japanese pick up line, "kodomo wa oishii" I should be fine. Anyway, it also furthers my statement that all Japanese are the SAME. Sports??? Similar name??? Their birthdays are 3 days apart (although Nobu's a year older). Jeez. Japanese people are weird. Weeeeird. However, they're still a lot nicer than Americans. On my Japanese people webboard, you know how many flames there are? ZERO. How many fights? Zero. How many people calling each other a slut? Well, I guess I don't know because I don't know the Japanese word for slut. But as far as I know, zero. Oh yeah, and they really do the sweatdrop thing (only said in Japanese), and they are OBSESSIVE about those smileys ^_^;;;

I was chosen for the state competition for doing well at the last math competition. You know what that means. I'm going to state! Only, this is not some stupid sports team, and sadly, not a music thing, but it's MATH. And therefore, I'm 1000 times cooler than all the sports people who mindlessly shout "We're going to state!" Hey, nothing could be more annoying than the guys basketball team last year. "We're going to the 'ship, we're going to the 'ship." *smack*. Die.

I think I'm gonna be a subbie for a while. I'm sick and tired of my stupid class. I don't know how I will ever survive a marriage, because I cannot stand anyone for any extended amount of time. Except maybe Jono. But my training for him started at age 1, so I can't imagine life without him. I guess it's kind of amusing that he's the only one I can stand, while most other people can't stand 5 seconds around him (or him and me at least). So that's my plan.

I will refrain from commenting on Kangway's haircut past: I'm so sorry. I can't believe our assistant director complimented him. WHAT is wrong here???? EVERYTHING.

It's almost swimsuit season. This is unpleasant because swimsuits don't fit me. Period. I'm not a slightly pudgy flat chested completely curveless girl like you're supposed to be. Therefore, I'm shaped completely wrong for women's swimwear. I found some decent stuff last year, but I had to have it altered first. Anyway, a quote:

Amirah: All guys love swimsuit season.
Peaches: Oh yes.

Summer clothes royally suck. I refuse to dress like a slut. If I have that reputation, it's okay, but I'm not gonna have it be based on tight clothes. At least let me BE one first instead of just looking like one. Not that I'm going to be a slut. I don't think anyone at our school could be one. Or, they would have to put in extra effort. Whatever. Anyway. For certain PEOPLE (i.e. YOU in particular) who think I don't ever wear white... look at the cool new t-shirt I am getting. Oh no, the world's coming to an end. I will wear white. Jono's getting one too, so we will match. I bet we wear the same size, too.

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