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Saturday, March 01, 2003

...mood swings...

I did not have time to post yesterday... again. I went to school, then got picked up at 4, then had to come home and take a shower, and be at Zuke's house at 5 ish. During the day, Nobu kept being really upset or really dead or something. I doubt it's *about* me, but I bet I *caused* it. Maybe I should pay more attention to myself. Anyway, he might have just been tired, because during english we watched a video and he was at least partially sleeping. Like, what I would do during math if I let myself go. But that would be embarrassing, so I control myself, and use ALL of my energy to stay awake, therefore not being able to focus on the math, and also, leaving me with even less energy. I think Tom has the same problem. I told him that I was barely awake once and he's like "Do you think any of us are?" I turned around yesterday in math once just to check, and his eyes were barely open, but after a slow reaction he noticed me looking at him and became alert for another few seconds. Anyway, I have noticed that people generally look nice when they sleep. I guess guys in particular, because, 1) i don't like girls, romantically, or in general, and 2) i used to have slumber parties or something, I don't remember anything special there... but I rarely see boys asleep unless they fall asleep during school. Apparently Kangway fell asleep in English one day, but I'm not in his class, so I could not witness it.

Anyway, after school yesterday, Henry, Matt Sutton, and Lawrence Han came up to me and gave me a bag with a basketball they bought for Nobu for his birthday. Henry couldn't come to Zuke's house, so I was stuck with a basketball for a few hours. Sadly, I think Nobu probably liked the basketball more than my genius clock that I got him, but I tried.

So I went to Zuke's house, and Nobu was making some frosting for a cake he made. He had to follow this English recipe though, so he had his dictionary and was looking up words like "beaten" or "frost" or something. He kept asking me if it was finished, and I was like, "AAAH, I don't know, I can't cook ANYTHING," which is true. He can follow an English recipe much, much better than I could. However, boys who cook are very good. Apparently in Japan someone told him he would be a good wife. I agree. Cooking is difficult, and it is definitely a skill I don't and do not plan on posessing. I'm gonna add that to my list of things I look for in a guy: cooking. Yes. Anyway, that's not my point exactly. So he was making this stuff for like an hour and then putting it on the cake. Then we went upstairs to a computer, and emailed Nathan. I'm not sure why, but when Nobu has an idea (for once!) I generally will follow. Zuke was in the same room, playing his mp3s, and I kept singing along, since I knew all the lyrics... but obviously he was playing the songs I would know. The good ones. Haha. Uh yeah, he played like, "Inside Out," some Green Day, Semisonic, I knew it all, and then he tried to stump me with the Beatles. HAHAHAHAHA. Wrong one there, Zuke. I guess he didn't know that in my formative years (as in, like, ages 6-10), all I listened to was the Beatles. Therefore, even though I hadn't heard the songs in years, I still knew the lyrics (those things stick as a kid, dude)... and he was like "AAAAAAAAH you know everything!" It's totally not true. Kangway could easily stump me with his vast knowledge of Goo Goo Dolls songs. So Zuke played some Queen, and alas, I didn't know it. I guess that made him calm down a bit. Then we ate dinner, and I think their family has an obsession with yellow rice. It was good though. Yes yes. And I suck at picking out candles, and Zuke sucks at lighting them (YES, lighting candles front to back!)... so anyway that was that, we ate, blah blah. They talked to me, however, I was not too nervous because I knew that however little I talked, I would seem very talkative in comparison to Nobu... so yeah anyway then I looked at a bunch of Nobu's Japanese music magazines, and it was quite sad. There was AVRIL LAVIGNE in there. And I made him translate the paragraph on her, and he was like "She's 18 years old and from Canada... she learned to play guitar..." and I'm like "when she was 12." and he's like "yes." And I listened to some of his Japanese CDs. I don't think I mind Japanese pop music. I don't really like it either, but it is light years ahead of american pop, which is literally painful to listen to. Grr. It was cold. I think I won't comment further on this visit. But they have cool stairs.

Today I woke up at 11. I am avoiding cleaning my room and doing homework. I have a few hours to myself today though when my brother goes to tennis. Goody. I have a cutting edge notecard that I found in the library, and it's Jono's handwriting. I think our families are going to dinner together tomorrow, so I will give it to him then. What a nice gift.

Have some links:

Yes, it's true, the music magazine that I saw, with AVRIL... dun dun dun...

Alright, I downloaded some of the Japanese songs that I was listening to. I think that, with every single Japanese song, I never like it the first time I listen to it, but then it grows on me... like the ones we sing in Nihongo class.. yesssss....

See, more pretty manga/anime people... if only we could kick that stupid girl in the picture...

Alright, I have more to say now. First off, to Iiaeaux, yes, the girl is stupid. Aya is quite dumb. She was sitting in a tree hiding from her killer relatives and this guy comes up to her and kisses her and she loves him forever. And her shirt always falls off. This is a condition that is not so hard to prevent....

I put some more random stuff on my iPod, mostly for other people, but whatever... Like this weird angelina song. I think angelina is obsessed with sk8er boi - esque songs. "it's like a bad movie she's looking groovy..." The girl all the bad guys want... dude, I wanna be the girl all the bad guys want... That would rawk. Not bad guys necessarily, just unpreppy ones. Heh. I have been having pretty good luck recently though :) yes yes yes. Anyway, I have realized that when my parents said they didn't want me to date, they don't actually mind... if they like the guy. I always told Lucas that they didn't hate *him* and that it was the concept they didn't like, but obviously, saying "They don't like you" would bruise his ego further, and pose more problems. Anyway, they like Nobu... generally. Which is good. Or maybe they just generally accept him because he's so incredibly Japanese, special, and hott. Hahahaha. Yes, obviously that's it. They had no problem with me spending a few hours with him, although they don't quite understand it. Heh. I don't think anyone does. Not me either. I don't care either. Although it puzzles me why we like each other, since I don't usually like athleticish people (it has been done before though, it really has... for details... yeah nevermind), and he doesn't like anyone. If I knew how few people he liked I would have been deathly afraid of approaching. I was anyway, if anyone noticed. Damn, the only person I told before everything happened was Kangway. So he's my only witness.

I'm trying to memorize this Japanese song. I don't know why these things are so addictive. I didn't even like it 24 hours ago. No wait, 25.5 hours ago. But seriously.... it's addictive.

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