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Sunday, March 02, 2003 country is in the top .3% of safest regions in the world...

I guess I am rather addicted to Nationstates. My country has a really really nice description, but the three things at the top are not so good. However, since I'm the 258th safest region in the world out of 88,165 regions, that RAWKS. In yo face.

I woke up feeling like I have a slight cold. Dammit, again. Yeah Angelina, it's the thing. Keep passing those colds back and forth. ERR. My mom has some of these zinc thingies that are actually proven to help prevent colds, so I must have one of those soon. I read some stuff for history, and it's incredibly difficult. I think before I go to orchestra, I must watch a video, so that I don't have 3 tomorrow. (Oh, how awful, too many videos). You know, I'm kind of equally interested and disinterested in everything, so I never know how I'm going to choose a major or career. However, I seem to be drawn to these things that mix computers with art. For example, I absolutely love working on our manga (even though work is incredibly slow), and movie or video editing sounds really cool. My uncle is a TV show editor, so maybe I got this idea from him. However, apparently women in this area cannot well sustain a family, which I would probably want too. Plus, every time a show ends, you're continually job hunting, which I imagine is quite stressful. I am very into visual things though, they interest me. Anyway, I have some videos... they include:

-Terminator (the original, not T2)
-Rushmore (I have the soundtrack, which is spiffy)
-Never Been Kissed (yay?)

Now we must kick my dad out so I can watch movies.

See??? TASUKI! Yes yes yes, and this time no stupid girls fogging up the picture. Yay. Tasuki is pretty, he has nice fangs, but he is still obviously not as good as Tooya. Oh well, I put him here anyway. Now time to go watch movies.

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