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Thursday, March 06, 2003

...godzilla vs. the kelp...

Thank you Zuke for that inspiring title. Today I limited my cello playing, and that was good because I actually had time to study for my bio quiz/test/exam, or as we say, the "quest", or "quezam!" Kinda like, shazzam. Yes yes, I'm saying moronic stuff am I not. That wasn't a question. QUESTion. Ha. Dude I sound high. The lyrics to the girls all the bad guys want are pathetically bad. I mean, at least, with "The United States of Whatever" it sounds like they made the song up in 2 seconds, but the lyrics are not trying. I think bowling for soup is trying. Who bowls for soup anyway? Dont' you get pizza at bowling alleys? Or something? Hmm. What important philosophical questions.

I guess I will talk about the exciting events of today, since you care so much. I awoke from a disturbing dream about these blind guys with small pupils and blue green eyes who were looking at me. This is not as bad as the nightmare I had a few days ago. The nightmare was this: I was at my house or Jono's, and our internet broke. Completely and totally. His did too. And we were told that we could NEVER fix it. I was COMPLETELY freaking out and needless to say I was relieved to wake up. I really really have no life. Anyway, after I woke up, obviously I went to school. I can't say it was a very eventful day. PE was better because it was pickle-ball, which is 1000 times better than ultimate frisbee because you don't have to pass any objects to people on your team. You just hit it. YES. I mean, Merf yelled at me because I was late, and I had to explain that I was getting a hrm strap for my friend, and I couldn't get my locker open, although I didn't say that I was trying to open the wrong locker, because I don't want to look as stupid as I am. It's not my fault they make us change in those stupid locker rooms anyway that have rows that all look the same. DAMMIT.

So anyway, Nobu was pissed and I dont blame him. I wouldn't want to be kicked out of a foreign country by the very people who were welcoming you in. It seems like a hopeless case to me now. And they're doing the same thing again next year. The no talking thing is what kangway thinks it is, but really, i don't have a problem with it. I mean, we communicate. It's just not necessarily in english grammatically correct sentences. Cuz this is my united states of whatever. Hey, it's a free country, you can talk or not talk at your own will, but the school might kick you back to Japan.

I think you don't care about the rest of my day and neither do I, so I will give you a picture of the girl from Oni.

For once, a chick. Why a chick? Because she has cool hair, is part oni, and kicks major ass in this game I saw about 20 seconds of at Jono's house. Woo.

those fun turkcell commercials

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