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Friday, March 07, 2003


Hannah said she would take him. So did her parents. Then Dr. J said no, to the best of my knowledge. I must find out more, and why they want so much to kick him out. Apparently, he just said "no". This majorly sucks. I'm gonna make him talk to sensei. I think that basically, they're kicking him out cuz he doesn't talk and they don't like him. If you invite someone over a year and you don't like them, you CAN'T JUST GET RID OF THEM! Ugh. This school is moronic. It figures, they make us run and they don't feed us. They told him that if he could find a host family by Friday, then he could stay. Well it's friday, and he has a family. But they're not letting him stay. I guess since they left it up to him, they thought he could NEVER find someone, since they couldn't even do that. It's like "yeah, when you find yourself a family, come back to us" and i bet they had no idea that we could actually find someone. 3 or 4 families in fact. And even one who would take him for the whole two months. Grrrrrrrrr!

I never said the oni girl was hott. She is part oni, after all. How many hott onis do you see around? She just kicks assssssss. Like the Real Folk Blues. I was singing that in the locker room with Amirah... fun. Well I'm talking to Jono now, and I think I am not gonna talk to you anymore. How sad. We're selling asian hair implants, and Nobu thinks we're crazy.

mo posted at 5:28 PM.