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Monday, March 10, 2003

...what the fuck, not yay!...

what the fuck is this school's problem? I will probably be ranting soonish about this in greater detail. Basically, he found 2 main houses, and at least 3 ones that could take him for smaller amounts of time, and even a 2 month house by friday, the deadline, and they say NO. FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Like in the song. Anyway, that's about the event for today. My mom is calling sensei. I love my mom, she can be so helpful. My dad is dying to go in and yell at Dr. J. Hehe. I just know he will start talking about George Bush and Iraq too. However, my mom's point is that he's gonna hate the US. It's better for him to have not come at all than end up hating America. From their perspective. Obviously I'm happy he came. But if you look at the big picture, the school needs to suffer for this. You don't just invite someone for a year and then kick them out. American hospitality really sucks. I will complain more later.

Office space is on channel 27. Homework is smally in the scheme of things. Office space is far more important.

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