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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

...I believe in the sand beneath my toes...

Today was a perfectly nice day. The weather warmed up to the 50s or so, and after winter, that seems almost balmy. It's one of those completely wonderful days after winter where I feel like I can breathe again. It was so nice. However, some other stuff has been pissing me off. Not the weather. It's about Nobu, and I'd think that since there's only 8 days before he leaves, he would be trying to enjoy it or something, and maybe he is, but I am getting incredibly pissed off. The reason is one that I only figured out about last week. Which is why he randomly seems to get upset. And the answer annoys the hell out of me. He can't stand it at all when I talk to guys. Or even when they talk to me. At first I thought this was just Kangway. I guess Nobu might have a point there, I am probably overly flirtatious with Kangway, because he's likeable and funny, and I love being sarcastic (if that counts as flirting). Anyway he made us move in Japanese, so I thought everything was ok. Then today Peaches came up to me and told me about a 15 second story, and I was barely even looking at him (peaches) and nobu got really upset, and it took another 10 minutes to cheer him up again. Then the worst thing was after school. I went outside because of the nice weather, and Jono was waiting there. All Jono did was say, "hey mo, what's up?" and Nobu said he wanted to go inside. And he had that incredibly pained-angst-depressed look on his face. But I sucked it up and went inside where we stood until he left, in which case I was free to socialize with Jono and co.

Those are really crappy reasons to be upset. I don't want to confront them because I don't want to make him more upset, and plus he's leaving next week anyway. It's not like I don't like him, and I definitely don't want him to leave, but I don't think it's fair that just because he wants to be alone he should take it out on me.

I'm sure I will get bored of my friends again in 25 seconds flat anyway.

This is not a day I would like to be doing my history paper. It's too nice out. I do have a quote from history though:

Mr Vaughn: Ultimately the Minoans were conquered by the Mycaneans, who were what type of people?
Fred: Weirdos!


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