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Thursday, March 13, 2003


It was not as nice today. And you don't get a really long post because I did all the necessary homework/personal hygiene things today, and so I don't have a lot of time left over. Ms. Linder got really pissed at our class because we managed to convince certain assistant directors that we could go outside, and now we're a day behind the other class. Or we skipped a day or something. YES! Anyhow, it brought great joy to my heart that she was mad at us for being too smart and persuasive.

I had something to say. I really did. Today fitness sucked. I have determined that 90% of my stress comes from fitness (and sports). It is really the only stressor in my life. Homework I can deal with. Even annoying / problematic friends, boyfriends, enemies, teachers, killers, etc. They're all fine. I can stay so calm in the face of that, but not of running. It majorly sucks. Plus, everyone likes it. Or something. They all join sports teams or something like that. Let me just say I really don't like people who voluntarily join sports teams, especially the ones at our school. I'm sure there are exceptions to this rule, because I don't hate EVERYONE other than Peaches and me, but anyway... no stress but running. I seriously haven't gotten better. All it's done is made me resolve to never do any physical activity that isn't forced. Ever. And I get so hungry on fitness days. I come home from school and just EAT. For like, an hour sometimes. Just to gain back all the calories I lost in fitness. Plus it relaxes me, and it feels like you know, when you sweat a lot and want to drink water, well it's running a lot and needing to eat to gain the calories back...


That wasn't big enough.


Okay, better.

Yesterday when we were outside for english, Nobu said the first thing in Japanese I ever heard him say to me that I didn't make him say. There was this dead worm caterpillar thing on the ground and he pointed and said, "aomushi." For all you brains out there, that means caterpillar. It was amusing.

No more stories, it's time for straight hair.

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