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Saturday, March 15, 2003 excitement...

This has been another pointless
diversion by Bijouriel

I thought I would never have one of these. ER. I might be going to "Nobu's" house (i.e. Nick's house to see nobu), or he might come here. Who knows. I finished part II of my history paper, and I read the whole book for english. What fun. I should do bio, but I might leave that until either a) later or b) tomorrow (even later).

I suppose I should explain the suspension thing. But see, everyone knows it. They got caught crossing Green street, because Morris found them. Hahaha. It was like, Jono, Belmont, Sapp, Anne, Lydia, Mandi, Devin, Devika, a bunch of subbies. It's hilarious. I feel bad for Jono though, but apparently the administrators found it funny too so it's not on their records or something. I think that Morris must have heard us all talking about how we went over there last year or something... hahaha. The thing is, if youre gonna break the rules, you make sure you don't get caught. Brilliant.

K I'm around again. I figured out yesterday why my "counseling" is not helping Ariana. Plus the fact that I'm a frontier psychiatrist (haha), Angelina is pretty much saying the exact opposite thing that I'm saying. My point basically is that if the person you love doesn't reciprocate at all, they're not worth it. I don't believe in love anyway, but that's not the point.

My parents think it's not nice to get the shirt, Batia, but they already ordered it anyway, so too bad. I'm not gonna say what it says yet, but only sensei will be able to read/understand it anyway. Haha. I didn't get Nathan his shirt either though.

My plans for today consist of going to Gooler's house to see Nobu for like, 2 hours, and then leaving cuz they have to go to some dinner thing, and I have to go have some sort of family night thing. Which is probably going to end up being either a movie or me and my mom watching some video. If I'm lucky, it will involve Chinese food. But probably not. However, my mom previously tried to make me ditch Nobu by saying "I can't come over and you can't come here" but then when I was at lunch, gooler's parents called my mom and said that an adult would be around. My mom was like, "Good job mo, way to get me into an embarrassing situation." Haha. I mean, Oops.

It's pretty nice out, and I really didn't have much homework either, which is a good combination. I seriously can't work well on weekends though. This morning I flipped a coin to see whether I would do my bio paper or finish my history paper. It took me forever to decide which was heads and which was tails, but I eventually decided bio was heads, and I flipped it and it was tails, so I finished my history essay. It feels good to have it done. YAY. At least for now.

I said "that is a small clock" and "That clock is small" in Japanese today when I was at a Korean restaurant. We were surrounded by young Korean Americans. It was weird. They were talking about speeding away from cops, and other amusing stuff. One of them had a nice cell phone. It seems I notice these things much more than the war with Iraq deal. I mean, all I really hear about that is from my parents, and I know there's protests. I'm glad people from my school protest, although I don't think it will help even if EVERYONE wants no war, they'll still do it (if possible). STUPID. Yeah, well, it's my anti-sports thing again. If america didn't want to "kick their ass" like in football... we're such bullies. We won't negotiate, right, that's what bullies do, they don't talk, they just punch someone. I hate America.

In other stuff... I like Keanu Reeves, "ook shmagook" is a good phrase, and Ben Affleck is a moron. People in Japanese class were talking about Ben Affleck being cute. I felt like throwing up. EWWW EWWW. Obviously, I have picked up my mom's trait of hating him. I mean, I don't hate him so much as I think he's just hideous and the kind of guy I would SO hate to meet. With his stupid short hair too. I think my major accomplishment of the year was convincing Nobu NOT to cut his hair. It makes me so happy that it's longish. I talked about igloos one day with him, I explained what it was, and he knew what I was talking about. Hehe. I actually had a conversation with him yesterday. More like, he had a conversation with me. He kept trying to talk to me, and I was trying to read. This was after I had taken the Japanese test, and he kept tapping my shoulder and saying stuff. It was a real live conversation. And then I went back to reading and then he would say something else. Well, he's getting good, and now they get to kick him out of the country. I guess they don't really care if he learns english or not. It's okay, personally, english is overrated. I would just stay in Japan. Japan is cool.

Now I must leave, so.... too bad for you. I wonder if there's any good movies...

Alright, I have resolved not to go to the dance. Mostly because I said I wasn't going to and so I told my parents that, and so they planned to see a movie. Nobu is somewhat upset, but I think he will survive. Anyhow, uhh... oh yeah. He had the coolest phone, Japanese cell phones rawk. I guess any european ones, but his was really advanced. He had a picture of him when he first dyed his hair, it was short and all gold, it was really funny. And he had all those Japanese kind of megacute but then morbid animations, like a supercute bunny being gored to death and blood spilling out. And his friend's email was "I_hate_vagetables"... I told him to tell his friend that he spells vegetable wrong. Haha. Also, he had some pictures of Osama bin Laden but really muscular. And I'm like "show me your friends" and he shows Osama. Heh. Great.

Anyway, Kris and Nick were there, and we avoided each other, 1) because they are... them, and 2) because we couldn't talk to them anyway, because with 4 people that don't talk, you can't have a conversation anyway. Nobu was sad at the beginning but I cheered him up. Yay. Because I am just so magical like that. The most disgusting thing was that he put some of his shampoo in his mouth (which by the way is the Biolage Matrix stuff, and I use their conditioner), and blew bubbles. Then he had to spend like 5 minutes washing the shampoo out of his mouth.

Batia's comment on this:

"he is so a 16 year old boy now. no denying it"

And I remembered a quote from history:

Mr. Vaughn: The computer is being bad
Maciek: give it a virus.
Mr. Vaughn: which one?
Maciek: Ebola!

mo posted at 11:52 AM.