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Sunday, March 16, 2003

...I'd like 70 cheeseburgers, please...

Today was Nobu's going away party, since he is going to leave on thursday. For the party, me, Nick, Nobu, Kris (scoobsz), Nathan, and Terrence went to the Union. We all showed up at various times, about 12:30, and pooled together our money. Using our vast math skills, we decided we had about $69 altogether (most of which was Nick's parents' money) and we had to decide what to do with it.

As most people know from Nobu's famous Japanese speech (which was said in English), in Japan, he ordered 570 hamburgers from a McDonalds, and bought them out. So he wanted to do something like that here. However, since we only had $70, we decided to get 70 single cheeseburgers (after a lot of discussion and a final decision by Nobu).

Step 1: Ordering

We decided that it would be best if Nobu ordered, for he was the expert at this. Nick went up to the register with him (at McDonalds) in case he needed to "translate." The conversation went something like this:

McDonalds Employee: Can I help you?
Nobu: Yes, I would like 70 cheeseburgers.
McDonalds Employee: Seven Cheeseburgers?
Nobu: No, 70 cheeseburgers.
McDonalds Employee: 17 cheeseburgers?
Nick: No, 70 cheeseburgers.
McDonalds Employee: Is this a joke?
Nick: No, we have money *shows money*

I captured the perfect amazing expression on the guy's face when he figured out what we were talking about. Hahaha. We were order #226.

Step 2: Waiting

This step was the longest. We ordered our cheeseburgers at 1:26, and we sat there for an entire hour before they were ready. By the time it was done, they had already completely about 50 other orders. Kris had to call his parents to ask to stay longer. His conversation, from our side, sounded like this: "Yeah I need to stay longer... our order is taking a REALLY long time... FOOD... a restaurant... ok bye."

Obviously, he didn't want to say WHY the order was taking a long time. In this interim period between ordering and eating, we took some pictures, played with straws, drank water, and ordered some fries. So our order ended up being 70 cheeseburgers, 6 waters, and some fries. I said it would be better if we also got 70 fries. Terrence's brilliant idea would be to do the exact same thing, except pay in pennies. During this time a leprechaun was at McDonalds, so we took his picture too. Eventually, about 1 hour and 4 minutes later, they had our order.

Step 3: Taking the Burgers

Well we got them, and everyone around us was staring, obviously. We made a pyramid out of them, and asked a lady to take a picture of us and the burgers. Then they divided them up, and since I don't eat burgers, Kris had mine. Then I had to go, so I took a few more pictures, and left. Nobu took one of me too (yay?)

Very very nice. I will get pictures up asap, which might not be for a while though.

mo posted at 6:03 PM.