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Thursday, March 20, 2003

...all good things must come to an end...

I saw Nobu yesterday for the last time. I was reluctant at first because of my massive amounts of work, but 2 fewer hours of studying was worth 2 last hours to spend with him. I went to Nick's house about 5:50, and Nobu and Nick's dad had gone to the post office. My mom said I could only go for like 20 minutes, but when she came back, they still weren't back. Kris was there so me and Kris and Nick were hanging out outside, until eventually they came back. I called my mom and Nick's family had invited me to eat out with them, so I asked if that was okay. After much negotiation, she said it was okay, so I stayed. This made Nobu and me very happy, since if I hadn't stayed, we would only have seen each other for like 10 minutes.

Nobu introduced me to this cool Japanese online forum thing. Now I'm part of it, and he said something in Japanese to introduce me. I got the gist of it, that he had met me when he came to America and stuff, but I think I will ask sensei to translate. Maybe not. I don't think he would mind anyway. So we went to dinner, and luckily Kris was there so it was not awkward. I saw Adrian there, and waved to him, although I hope he doesn't ask me about this on Sunday (at orchestra)... it's like "I was there with my boyfriend and the family... my boyfriend was living with?" It just sounds weird. So he talked about his school and how through all the classes he just emails his friends on his cell phone, and every student is doing this. Somehow I thought Japan was much more studious and less slacker-ish than that. I also think it's kinda cool. I can picture all of them like that.

So yesterday was a day of last everything. It was really depressing to constantly be reminded that this would be the last time I would ever do this stuff that has become every day habit. I calculated that we were "together" for 87 days, which is really not that much. Yet since I spent an incredible amount of time with him compared to anyone else I have ever known, these really strange habits formed. The most depressing thing, I have to say, other than like, the final "bye" or whatever, was him synchronizing his watch with mine. I don't know why. He does this every day, but it was really weird. I mean, he just has to set it 15 hours ahead or whatever when he gets back, but I guess it's okay.

Oh yeah, and he gave me his shirt he was wearing yesterday, because he knew I liked it and he said he could make another one. So now I can "become" Nobu. Whee. He also offered to give me this pair of pants and his coat, but I declined. I don't think I really need his pants, and he said that I had to give him my coat (I don't think it would fit him, I think he just wanted to HAVE it), and my parents would be like "WHAT you gave him your COAT? I wanted that coat!" Oh well.

So anyway, after dinner, Nick's dad drove me home, and I hugged him and we said goodbye. I think he was crying... I'm not sure. So that's it.

I might post some stuff he wrote in Japanese later, but for now, I must go.

mo posted at 6:33 PM.