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Friday, March 21, 2003

...waiting apprehensively...

Some Japanese:

[262] 666 ���e�ҁF�� ���e��F2003/03/20(Thu) 08:57:21


�����a���Q�S�� �� �I�[�����E�E�E����Ȃ��B��A�[���� (2003/03/20(Thu) 08:58:26)

�J�j�X�e�B�b�N �� ���[���� (2003/03/20(Thu) 10:29:21)

Yuki �� �����ȁE�E�E�B�P�x���ȂȂ���x�Ɏ���Ă݂����B (2003/03/20(Thu) 13:44:25)

�J�j�X�e�B�b�N �� ���ꂽ���l�A���߂Č����B (2003/03/20(Thu) 20:02:22)

���B���� �� �������c�O�O�G�@�����ȁ`Yuki����B (2003/03/20(Thu) 21:12:09)

[264] Untitled ���e�ҁFYuki ���e��F2003/03/20(Thu) 11:58:43


Mo, I introduced you to them as I said. Are you looking at this BBS? Do you know how to use the BBS?

��I�̂����� �� �M��̃A�����J�ł̌o���͋M��̐l���ɂƂBāA�傫�ȍ�Y�ł��ˁB (2003/03/20(Thu) 12:08:53)

DEEP �� �c�o��́H (2003/03/20(Thu) 12:19:23)

Mo �� Yes, I found it. Altavista can translate! I can see what you say! And, I bet I can type on Japanese, but on my other computer, not today.... I will come online tomorrow again and write some stuff in Japanese... (2003/03/20(Thu) 13:09:35)

Yuki �� �����A���E�i�o�I�I (2003/03/20(Thu) 14:09:49)

�� �� �Ȃ�đf���炵���F��Ȃ񂾂��iT�tT�j (2003/03/20(Thu) 16:03:13)

�J�j�X�e�B�b�N �� �Ȃ񂩊i�D�ǂ��ȁ`�B (2003/03/20(Thu) 19:51:53)

�ǂB��̂��ꂩ �� ���[��[�̂�t�BČ����̂��ȁH (2003/03/20(Thu) 20:21:01)

���B���� �� �t���@������F�ɂ�����B��i�O�O�j (2003/03/20(Thu) 21:08:36)

�J�j�X�e�B�b�N �� ���`����Ȃx����������͒j���Ȃ̂ˁB�����Ƀr�b�N���B (2003/03/20(Thu) 21:17:54)

That was the Japanese from the site. The first one is about introducing me, and he says some really nice stuff (which took me an hour to translate), and the second part is some Japanese random people saying a conversation that goes like:

Person 1: blah blah blah is an omen!
Person 2: Omen! Amen!
Person 3: Ramen!

Japanese people are cool.

It's not so much that he's not here. It's that he's incomprehensibly far away. Especially because of our lack of communication devices. If you couldn't see the Japanese I'm sorry, it's your problem. Heh. Okay.

mo posted at 9:12 PM.