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Saturday, March 22, 2003

...argle shnargle...

He's alive! I.E. he posted to the web board, basically saying that he's back... Yesterday I tried to post something about the war in Japanese, it took like an hour, and my Japanese sucked, but I think they got the gist of it. I have resolved to write in Japanese only when I'm trying to say something really simple, because discussing politics in different languages is difficult. They are all so NICE though. I mean, there's like, no flaming that I know of. How can they be so NICE????!?!?!? Oh well. The main problem is that, when it's night here, it's day there, and vice versa. This means, that if I post a response to something and go to sleep, they have ALL DAY to write new stuff, and I won't see it until they're asleep. The only times I can see this working is, when I wake up, it's about midnight there, so they could stay up late, and when school is getting out for us, they're waking up for the next day of school. So basically, time differences.

I have my period, so I guess I'm not giving birth to any prophets or whatever.

Alright, since I'm pretty dead, today it looks like I'll just be watching videos and eating Chinese food. I have a bunch of videos to watch, but I don't really remember what they are... I know I have a really weird mix, like, T2, Andromeda Strain, the Abyss, Dumb and Dumber, and my brother has some really weird stuff too. I guess the theme is science fiction + really dumb movies. Hehe. I dunno, my mom's in charge of getting the movies, because I couldn't really watch much of anything before about last year when I started going to movies. Also, I think the amount of movies I've seen in my lifetime has probably doubled this year. Haha. MOVIES. YEESYES.

I also have to learn the Moonlight Sonata, but no one's making me. I have to photocopy it and give it back to Emma when we go back to school.....

BREAKFAST (and I hope I can get some tylenol).

mo posted at 9:41 AM.