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Thursday, March 27, 2003

...I'm in love because I know you...

I decided this morning, or last night, whenever my last conscious train of thought was, that Nobu would probably be the best person I know to be stuck on a desert island with. This is not unsupported at all. First of all, he is physically about a million times stronger and faster than me, which would be useful in chasing island-squirrels. Then there's the fact that he eats odd stuff as it is, so I don't think he would really mind eating the island-squirrels, and third, since he doesn't talk, we wouldn't run out of things to say very quickly, and so we wouldn't end up hating each other.

We could make Azn survivor. Actually, what a really cool reality show would be is if you stick a bunch of my friends in a house, and tell them to survive for like, a month. Just imagine, a house with like, Angelina, Nobu, Jono, Kangway, Batia, Ariel, Iiaeaux, and then throw in like, a pet yak or something, and see how they fare. I think Angelina would obviously cook all that delicious azn food and accidentally set the house on fire (in that case, I guess Nobu could help, he is pretty good at cooking), and Kangway of course would be doing laps around the living room trying to calculate how many is a mile. Jono would be stealing the chicken and other food, hoarding it and laughing evilly, as he indulged in Onimusha, and trying to get Nobu to do a samurai voice. I expect that the girls would band together for protection or something, because sadly, that's just what girls do. Maybe not Angelina, though, because she would be busy trying to retrieve Jono's chicken and setting the house on fire.

Now there is a reality TV show that would not be painful to watch. Only painful to be in, maybe, but hilarious to watch.

I'm going shopping soon, hopefully to get some preppy boys' clothes. I just love preppy boys clothes, they're so comfortable. I gotta figure out what to wear to that stupid dance that I'm probably gonna go to. Maybe the all your base shirt? I realized that I shouldn't wear that on saturday, because an "All your base are belong to us" shirt really doesn't go with an anti-war protest.

As long as it's nothing girly, I'm okay.

Girls are way too dramatic. Guess what, there is no love, and words mean nothing. If you listen to that, the epitome of the teenage girl will be destroyed, and she will be left to GET A LIFE.

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