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Friday, March 28, 2003

...I just cracked my toe...

That was a famous and widely used quote from Jono. Alright, everyone, I'm in need of a new template, but I will try updating this one to my liking first. I think I should get rid of the weather stuff, because I couldnt' get the good php stuff to work, and it's really big. So I'll rid myself of the Axis of Evil weather report. If you want to see what I was *trying* to get, look here.

Yesterday I went shopping with Ariel and Kris. It was fun even though me and Ariel are probably the two most indecisive people on planet Earth (although Nobu might challenge us). Luckily Kris was there to tell us which stores had nice preppy boys sections. Since I love preppy boys clothes this was good. I ended up buying a pair of shorts from PacSun, and some BOXERS from Aeropostale. Haha. Anyway it's good, and I saw these shoes that they apparently don't make in purple, but obviously the store has never seen these shoes which are WHAT I WANT. Maybe I can get my mom to order them online, but I don't know what size I would be. Life is just so hard. Or maybe we can order them from a shoe store here. Anyway, I must collect more purple shoes. I could always just get red or something, cuz that's what the store had, or even purple hi-tops, but those are ugly.

Anyway, enough about shopping, I'm sure you will all see my boxers when the time comes. Alright, so now Kris owes me ten bucks for a hat he just HAD to have at Aeropostale. It's okay. As long as he pays me back. My mom wasn't mad or anything.

I was discussing the fact with my other (real) mom that I really don't have many friends that I can stand for more than very short periods of time. She commented on the fact that I have managed to find boyfriends rather easily. This really isn't my fault. I guess the only people I like are guys, and since I don't have many other friends, I really don't mind trying to just hang out with one person. Don't worry people, there's no one to go out with anymore, so yeah. THe point is, I'm pretty much alone and independent now. I don't mean independent as in forgotten and therefore having to survive on her own. I'm alone by choice.

The only downfall of being alone is that it hurts a little more when someone snaps on you. But I can generally deal with it. I have better stuff to do anyway, like work on my vastly improving html, haha. Actually I don't really have much to do, but that's okay. Hmm. I think I need to start organizing or at least thinking about the summer dealies. First of all, we need a group. A GROUP. Ha. That would rawk. Like last year. Somehow, having a group does make me more independent to the rest of the world. I guess I don't have to get rid of everyone, I just need some people.

Last year it was the movie dealies at peoples houses with Person A, Person B, and Person C. But now Person C is a prep, so forget about them. Plus, anyone new won't like Person B, so maybe it will just have to be Person A, Person B, and Mo.

Actually I don't really care, but I'm always blamed and I end up hating the person who blames me. I hold grudges for quite a long time. Some people lift them up too soon. My grudges will never die. I have a big long list of people (mental list) who have offended me to the point where they can never be forgiven. I bet most of them have no idea I hate them too. I bet most of them would have NO IDEA what they did wrong. Even I have forgotten the minor reasons why I hate them. It might have been something like, I was trying to walk through the hallway and they were just STANDING there. And blocking it. I hate people forever for that. Muahaha.

I bet everyone who reads this thinks I'm insane now. But you know what, toooooooooo bad. For you.

Dude where's my car???

Poke poke.

I'm being quite random to make up for all you crazy depressed people. DRAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Is stupid.

This is getting long. pollz?????nernernernernernernernernerner

Conversations with random people:

[guy with TMBG icon]
bananagenes: i'm supposed to see your icon
scratchpentagon: oh okay
scratchpentagon: hi
bananagenes: yeah
bananagenes: wow
bananagenes: it is good
scratchpentagon: thanks
bananagenes: alright that would be all. apparently you're very cool. bye.
scratchpentagon: haha, thanks. bye to you, too.


bananagenes: not
supakwak2: sex toys for michael belmont
bananagenes: ok
supakwak2: me and angelina have an iudea
supakwak2: idea**
bananagenes: what
supakwak2: we're gonna make a condom company
bananagenes: for?
supakwak2: condoms
bananagenes: obviously
supakwak2: right
bananagenes: yea
supakwak2: cuz
bananagenes: ?
supakwak2: we were joking about stuff
supakwak2: and we had funny condom ideas
bananagenes: liek?
supakwak2: uh
supakwak2: turkey or chicken with gravy and stuffing
supakwak2: flavored
supakwak2: condoms
bananagenes: ooh yes
bananagenes: it could be like
bananagenes: holiday condoms
supakwak2: lol
bananagenes: that would be interesting
supakwak2: yeah i know
supakwak2: but i'll never find out how it tastes, really, nor
do i want to
supakwak2: so i won't be able to find out if it works
bananagenes: you could just buy some and taste them
supakwak2: oh well
supakwak2: no
bananagenes: why
supakwak2: that would be odd
bananagenes: it would
supakwak2: yeah
supakwak2: i'll let angelina do that
supakwak2: jkjk
bananagenes: hahaha
supakwak2: yeah
supakwak2: i'm jk
bananagenes: yeah okay... what would other holidays taste like
supakwak2: uh
bananagenes: like christmas could be candy canes or something
supakwak2: hanukka could be latkes
bananagenes: hahaha
bananagenes: yes
supakwak2: uh-huh
supakwak2: there could be a clorine flavor
supakwak2: chlorine**
supakwak2: i think
supakwak2: i forget the spelling
bananagenes: the fourth of july would be hamburgers (with
prions included)
supakwak2: lol
supakwak2: yes
supakwak2: and hot dogs
bananagenes: yeah!
supakwak2: yes
bananagenes: wait, chlorine?
bananagenes: what holiday is that
supakwak2: none
supakwak2: i just felt like making that flavor
supakwak2: let's make a plastic flavor
supakwak2: !!!
bananagenes: wow that would be new
supakwak2: or a latex flavored
supakwak2: lol
supakwak2: that's kind of defeating the point
supakwak2: except
supakwak2: we'd be able to charge more
bananagenes: maybe people wouldn't know they're made of latex
supakwak2: and some stupid freaks would think it tasted
supakwak2: yeah
bananagenes: so they thought it was a spiffy new flavor
supakwak2: my point exactly
supakwak2: hehehe
supakwak2: ka-ching
bananagenes: money flavored?
supakwak2: YES~!!!
bananagenes: jono i think we need to make female condoms too
because you like this too much
supakwak2: no i don't
supakwak2: i just think it's funny
bananagenes: that's ok
supakwak2: ok
supakwak2: fine make them too
supakwak2: but do you flavor them...?
bananagenes: yes
supakwak2: ok
bananagenes: uh what about paper
supakwak2: flavored?
bananagenes: yes
supakwak2: that's a good idea
supakwak2: how about
supakwak2: original
supakwak2: yeah
bananagenes: haha
bananagenes: like, original flavored goldfish?
supakwak2: that's our finest product
supakwak2: no
supakwak2: not cheesy
supakwak2: original flavored condoms
bananagenes: yes
supakwak2: yeah
bananagenes: yesssssss
supakwak2: yupoyupo
bananagenes: what else
supakwak2: paint flavored
supakwak2: vinegar flavored
bananagenes: my brother would like that
bananagenes: ...
supakwak2: nose flavored
bananagenes: nose?
supakwak2: yes
supakwak2: monkey flavored
bananagenes: banana flavored
supakwak2: squirrel flavored
bananagenes: squid
supakwak2: i think they already have it
bananagenes: oh
supakwak2: banana i mean
bananagenes: good point
supakwak2: yes
supakwak2: squid's good
supakwak2: though
supakwak2: shrimp
supakwak2: sushi
supakwak2: in japan
supakwak2: :)
supakwak2: extend the corporation
bananagenes: sushi!
supakwak2: but we still don't have a name for it
bananagenes: sushi flavored
supakwak2: yupyup
supakwak2: we need a company name
bananagenes: uhhhh...
bananagenes: yummy condoms R us?
supakwak2: no
supakwak2: yummy condom
supakwak2: lol
bananagenes: inc
supakwak2: taste condom
supakwak2: wait
supakwak2: cook's condoms
supakwak2: lol
supakwak2: no
bananagenes: haha
bananagenes: condom of steel... no wait...
supakwak2: corn flavored
supakwak2: lol
bananagenes: you mean, midwest flavored
supakwak2: candy condom
supakwak2: yes
supakwak2: but that's also soy
bananagenes: SOY CONDOM!
supakwak2: so only 50%
supakwak2: yes
bananagenes: for lactose intolerant people!
supakwak2: for vegetarians
supakwak2: lol
supakwak2: mooshu flavored

the end. Any suggestions?????????

mo posted at 2:51 PM.