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Sunday, March 30, 2003


Yesterday was almost completely USELESS. Dame desu. However I did do one interesting thing, and that was watch part of the World Figure Skating Championships. I watched the women's short program, the men's long program, and the women's long program. I find it funny how someone else can be the best skater, yet they don't win. Obviously Michelle Kwan is like, impossibly good. However, there is someone better. That person is Sasha Cohen from the US too, but she's just better. She also somehow manages to be very dramatic but tough at the same time, but isn't one of those light on their feet people that barely touch the ice. I like her better, but her problem is she falls down a lot. Too much, cuz she gets nervous. My solution is that she just work the falls into her routine so that she doesn't have to fall any other time (Yeah she'll be doing the triple-triple combination followed by a fall). Also, she kinda looks like a hitman. Can't you picture her with a gun? Hmm. Anyway, she got fourth place, but too bad.

Anyway, today I'm going to see Chicago, not really out of my own will but because my dad wants to see it and my mom and brother refuse. Therefore, he has to see it in theaters with me. I can't say it looks very good but I can sit through basically any movie.

Tom said that he has a lot of pointless rambling on his blog that doesn't make sense. I don't think he even comes close to me. He did comment on love once, but it was short and to the point. If he read most of the stuff my friends send me/their other friends/their crushes, well. He doesn't even scratch the surface. So if you read this Tom, it's okay. Plus, he has the best blog of any teenager I know. Even though that's still not too many, it's good nonetheless.

And the phone just rang. knock knock Neo. Actually it was Jono, calling from Chicago, asking whether the verb "ikimasu" means "go" or "come". Hehe, I'm sure it was a Japanese emergency.

Time to go see Chicago. Oh yeah, and Jono called from the CITY Chicago, not the movie.


Okay I just had dinner, and afterwards I ate one of these meringue cookies, cappucino flavored, that are so incredibly addictive. Cigarettes, bah, they haven't tried these ^^;;

I found the most perfect thing. Me and Jono are going to buy this so we can match: Oh yes! The downside to everything, life, etc, is that Jono is now taller than me. I knew it was bound to happen, I just didn't know NOW. For right now, we're essentially the same height (he's a bit taller but you can't really tell), so it's just like back when we were six or whatever, and about the same height. Sadly, he will eventually become taller than me and we will never level out again. Not everything's good when you stop growing.

Chicago was okay. I wasn't bored, but I definitely wouldn't want to see it again. I kind of liked the story, how it was filmed, and the message, but I really don't like that kind of music, which ruins the whole movie. It definitely did not deserve all those awards.

Ariana apparently bought me a "No War" pin! That makes me very excited, since yet again I couldn't go to the protest. I'll work on my mother for next week. It should be warmer, which takes away half of her worry. The other half is the crazy pro war people with guns. I will just have to hope that they don't shoot me :) (what every mother wants to hear, I'm sure).

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