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Sunday, March 16, 2003 can tom always make the most perfect titles for his blog?...

Well I am jealous of his creativity. Anyway, yesterday was very close to being perfect. I wrote about going to Nick's house, and that was very nice. And then there was something very nice he did that cancelled out the shampoo eating. Or at least, amusing. Hehe. I think the thing is that I like 16 year old guys. Or 15 or 14 or 13 too. Whatever. Anyway it was very nice, and asw we were compiling the list for his "going away party" I realized that I don't like any of his friends either. Well, Hannah's okay, but Hannah and Domier are the closest thing we have to a mutual friend. My mom said, "This doesn't bode well for the future, but since he's leaving on Thursday, there is no future." A good point.

I didn't go to the dance, not going was fun. I stayed home and *tried* to watch a movie with my parents but they ended up yelling at each other because the sound on my dad's laptop is really soft. Anyway then we watched SNL, and it was probably the most of one episode that I've seen at one time. I liked all the Bush stuff, and of course, the person being Avril Lavigne... haha. And since Christina Aguilera was on it, my parents were saying how her "music" should only be used to torture captured al qaeda members. Good plan.

Now I have to go eat breakfast. And do my bio thing.

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