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Monday, March 24, 2003 think that's air you're breathing?...

He emailed me. I'm so happy. He didn't sound very happy to be back, especially because now he has no computer. So he can only email very rarely. I have a while to come up with a reply then.

So stuff won't be the same. I didn't expect it to be. So, I guess, it's okay in some ways. It's almost exactly how I expected it to be, other than I expected it to be in May on the last day of school. However, the rest was the same. Especially the fact that we didn't end up hating each other. So now I can say that not everything ends badly. My only conclusion is just that everything ends.

I went to Jono's house yesterday, and we kept doing random stuff. Too bad my brother got a Gamecube instead of a PS2. PS2 is obviously better, AND it has Onimusha. Obviously, PS2 is the way to go. But my brother bought that for himself. I think I want a video camera or a bass guitar. Maybe I can buy myself a guitar next year.

As I was at my new favorite site (the Japanese people) there was this link. I found the following image:

The caption was:  �u����v�Ƃ����Ă͢��ł��傤���A����ŗǂ��̂ł��B  Think about the meaning.

Otouto wa, ari wo fumemasu.

And for all you musical people...

Japanese people have very strange interests.



YES... Neo+legolas?

mo posted at 10:29 AM.