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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

...MAJOR incest...

I am messing around with the weather stuff... argh it's so hard!?!!!!


God comes in many flavors!!!!!

Today I went to Jono's house and Angelina's hosue and the movie theater. I went to Jono's and we walked/raced to Angelina's house, and then we saw her. We cooked yummy chinese food for lunch there, and Jono kept taking the chicken.

That means he kept going through her freezer and taking out the chicken and stuffing it in his shirt. I don't even want to go into how gross this is. He raided their kitchen and it was amusing. Then we read old notes, and had to walk back to Jono's house.

The sad thing is I probably ended up running like half a mile. YUCK. I had awful cramps, and my shoes kept falling off.

When we got back we had to give Ariana directions, and since we were stupid about all of this, we were a bit late to the movie, but we didn't miss anything important. We went to see The Hours, which I thought was a good movie. Obviously, it was really depressing, but I liked how it fit together.

After the movie, we went to the spaghetti shop, where we kept expecting to see Al Renner, like we did last time we were there, in November or whatever. We had an interesting quote from us:

Ariana: What is it called if you're in a relationship with yourself?
Angelina: Major incest?

And some older ones I don't know if I posted:

Ms. Plisch: Greetings...
Me and Ariana: Hi...
Ms. Plisch: Greetings...earthlings?

"it means it doesn't matter whether you think the paper is real or not, you're still turning it in tomorrow."
-- Mr Vaughn

Today there was also:

Angelina: Wait, they came in just to use the bathroom?
Ariana: They *are* on a field trip.
(from a conversation about the "policeman field trip..." don't ask)

Anyway, it was good, and for some reason two lamp posts (you know the tall kind that are next to the road) said "Lamp" and then the date, like "2/10/02" or something. So on a different one, I made Ariana write "Lamp 3/26/03" wow what vandalism. What if they arrest me? Oh my. Life sentence in jail.

Anyway, I have determined that everyone sucks. Yep yep. Good realization, no? I need to move or something.

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