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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

...funny looking fish...

Today was magically warm, which I like, only I get to hear my parents say that my shorts look bad on me, when I think they look very good. My dad says they're waaaaaaaaaaay too long, which they're not, they are the same length as my brother's shorts, just about knee lenght, and my mom thinks they poof out like a skirt. Both don't bother me and I kind of like how it poofs out, which my other shorts don't do. At least I'm not wearing girls' shorts, so ha.

It's sadly pathetic that at our school dying hair red is really preppy. I mean, just look at the preps, they all dye their hair reddish. Or at least, a larger percentage. So if I do something to mine it will have to be not-red.

Today was really sucky in PE, we had fitness, and I ended up running 40 laps in 24:16, which is way too fast. I mean, that's 5 laps short of a 5k. And I was kinda dead afterwards, but somehow my hair didn't frizz up, it only curled. I can deal with curls, they're not so bad, and waves, if they refuse to straighten, it's just frizz that sucks.

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