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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

...a sandwich out the window...

Yesterday I was eating lunch with Jono and his subbie dudes. They were of course making their perverted jokes, but they're not nearly as bad as the sophomore guys. Jono was very reserved when I was there, he didn't say anything too bad. He just kept being obsessed with throwing stuff out the window. So at some point, there was this sandwich no one wanted, so Jono threw it out the window. Sitting below the second story window (off to the side) were a bunch of sophomore preps sitting there and when they saw the sandwich they looked up and we ran away. Heh. No wait, it was the third floor. Today I went with Jono to the union to eat, and we did the thing with the straws. Heh. We talked about Japanese and stufffffffff and it was good.

Tom posted something about racism... however, I don't exactly understand why this bothered him so much. Not that he can't have his own opinions, but saying "I wish I were hispanic" is probably not meant to degrade anyone. It seems to me wishing you were a different race is basically like saying "I wish I were taller" or "I wish I didn't have freckles" because basically, a race is just a generalization of physical features plus a certain culture. I mean, You could say "I wish I was an eskimo" could just mean you think it would be cool to live in an igloo and ice fish. I guess the founding for the argument is that it's usually uneducated and pretty random. But as for me, I think I've done enough research to say that I like Japanese people. Look at what my favorite class is (hint hint Japanese), I liked Nobu, I like the language, but I can't say I like the country because I've never been there. Something I will have to change. Hopefully, Japan trip, but it won't happen until after I graduate (i think). Oh yeah, I also like the blogs of people who are American who live in Japan. Maybe I dont' really like it very much at all, but it looks so appealing in comparison to here. However, they're on our side in this stupid war. People there are actually agaisnt it though (yay!)

Oh yeah, we watched the coolest movie in Japanese today, it was on "nagara" and unless you were in Japanese you won't get this at all. I LOVED the fact that Tarou was EATING A BANANA!! I think he was listening to music too, but it would have been much better if he had been listening to the banana. But they got close. Hehehe. I think I'm destined to love all "Tarou" but this could be problematic, since it's like the most common Japanese boy's name.

We had a discussion in english and it was funner than usual, although there was a good quote:

"Or you could not go to college and then you become a dentist or something." --Fred

I think that's really funny... heh. Hannah said something about rich hookers or poor ones. Yay.

Now I will go shred the cello (that means practice, not like, paper shredder). Arness. Then I have to print this Japanese stuff and go into heavy translating mode.

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