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Thursday, April 03, 2003

...comparitive studies...

I realize now that if I had to do a science fair thing I would have many ideas. The problem with doing that in elementary school is that you're still too little and stupid to have interests that are actually testable or helpful. Thus proving my point that little kids are stupid and useless. Anyway my comparitive study of the moment is with hair dryers. This is not exciting for most people, especially guys, because they cut their hair into disgusting styles that neither require a dryer nor real shampoo. You could probably clean it with dishwashing solution and it would look the same to all viewers.

However, after this broke, my mom bought this.

Its claim is that it has negatively charged ions that reduce frizz, static, dullness, and make it shiny. Although I can't really say that those things work, my hair did feel super-duper smooth and soft. This could be due to the fact that I used plenty of conditioner, but it was also smooth at the roots, and I don't condition the roots. I don't know whether that's a horrible thing to do, but it makes it less greasy. Anyway, the stupidest thing about this hair dryer is that the front is made of metal. What genius thought that up? Think about the way metal conducts heat. Yeah, there you go.

In other news.... Nobu hasn't emailed recently, and I think I know why, but you don't get to know, too bad.

Today we decided to start a cult for Tarou. This was inspired by the movie we watched yesterday in Nihongo. We decided we will go to Japan and collect every guy named Tarou, and then we can get rid of the ones we don't like. I guess we could collect anyone willing to change their name to Tarou too. We will all be called Tarou, so you never have to worry about callin someone by the other's name. Even if you mix up which Tarou in your mind, no one will know!

So think about the cult (a completely religion free cult) with a bunch of Tarous. And then we could go to the Kite concert with the Minsan cult and the Kent cult. We would meet at the kaijyou, but the Kent cult would be late and they had all the tickets, but the bus was crowded. There could also be Shinji, Ann, Donna, Tom, Maria, etc, cults. And whoever the dude in next year's book is.

Well byebye for now, I might post this *englightening* conversation wtih Lucas I'm having (hahaha).

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