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Friday, April 04, 2003


Today was the stupidest weather ever. It was like. Fine. Rain. Fine. Rain. Sun. Thunderstorm. Sun. Tornado. RAINRAINRAIN. Fine. Stupid stupid stupid. And I am soaking because I had to be out in the 10 minutes it was raining hardest all day. Well don't I have nice luck.

Today was a most... odd... day in the world of our school. Instead of PE, we had this thing where we got lectured on Code Red procedures. Basically, if they sound this buzzer for one minute, you'd better get in a classroom now. After about 40 seconds, the classrooms will lock all doors, to try to contain the problem. Which could be like, someone with a gun, or a hostage situation, or something really bad. So every time someone asked about a specific scenario they would get mad (because it didn't work). The whole thing was out of nowhere and as a result was pretty funny. I guess it wouldn't be funny at the time, you would be in shock and probably not figure out where the nearest classroom is, but let's face it, that's probably NOT going to happen, so it's kind of odd. Plus, I really think locking all the doors is not gonna help if they have a gun. If nobu was able to stick his entire arm into ONE missing pane in the Japanese room, I think the guy would be able to do something better.

What if there was a Terminator? Like, in the movie Terminator? A Terminator can easily punch through a wall, and the police can't help you there. When you see a Terminator, you RUN AWAY, fast. Especially if your name is Sarah Connors or John Connors, playing dead will NOT HELP. They will not stop until you are completely destroyed. So, basically, if you see some naked guy who looks like Arnold Schwartzenegger or that other guy, you go away. FAST. So the stupid Uni system can't help there. And that's just a worst case scenario. I mean, even a person can easily make the system not work. Duh. Here is a conversation with Lucas about this:
bananagenes: i think i should write about the code red thing
evilbeing27: lmao.
evilbeing27: go ahead.
bananagenes: that was really funny
evilbeing27: it was.
evilbeing27: especialy cuz it's bs.
bananagenes: it waslike, out of nowhere, kovacs says "We don't ever guarantee 100% of your lives"
bananagenes: i know, it would not work at all anyway
evilbeing27: if i a gun had a gun, you get alot of hard things and otehr ppl and run at him screaming.
evilbeing27: *guy
bananagenes: or you just run away
evilbeing27: or just killhim.
evilbeing27: that is what i would do.
bananagenes: yeah right
evilbeing27: hell i would at least try.
bananagenes: what if they had a Terminator
evilbeing27: ?
bananagenes: the locked doors would do nothing, the POLICE would do nothing
bananagenes: like, in the Terminator
bananagenes: he can easily just walk through walls
evilbeing27: i know, the only thing uni has to do for it is that it is hard to seige.
bananagenes: ?
evilbeing27: it's hard to seige.
bananagenes: how
evilbeing27: because it's shape, and the 3 entry points.
bananagenes: oh, yeah, but it means there's not a lot of ways to get out
evilbeing27: that's the point.....
bananagenes: okay what about this
bananagenes: what if we were all in the school's gym, and someone had a gun
bananagenes: and they locked us in there
evilbeing27: hmmmmmm
bananagenes: isn't is smarter to run?
evilbeing27: again, just flank charge him, one guy/girl, probably adrenial.
evilbeing27: you can'.....
evilbeing27: it's locked.
evilbeing27: i mean if you want to live, get as far away as possible.
evilbeing27: but hell, i would try to take him out with me.
bananagenes: um
bananagenes: that's nice
bananagenes: but like
bananagenes: if the guy has a gun
evilbeing27: what?
bananagenes: and you like, attack him
bananagenes: and he's knocked out
bananagenes: and you have this gun
bananagenes: you're the dangerous one now
evilbeing27: lmao.
bananagenes: it's like "here, look what I found"
evilbeing27: just think of it this way 300 students 30 staff, only 50 some bullets.
evilbeing27: unless he has multipull clips.
bananagenes: i know, but knocking out 1/6 of the students is not good
evilbeing27: *shrug*
evilbeing27: i probably wouldn't kill anyone.
bananagenes: with a gun?
evilbeing27: period.
bananagenes: oh
bananagenes: good
evilbeing27: i would just have to deal with them after.
evilbeing27: and i mean odds are the rest of their life with be worse.
bananagenes: if they shot everyone?
evilbeing27: yeah

The rest is boring. See how stupid it is? Now I get to go indulge in my beloved Ayashi no Ceres and look at TOYA. Sekushii desu ne.

mo posted at 8:42 PM.