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Saturday, April 05, 2003

...making me feel stupid...

I went to the math practice for all the people going to state this morning. The people from our class there were me, Katie, Yuzi, George, Alejandra, Colette, and JohnMark was *supposed* to be there but he didn't show for whatever reason. Those problems make my brain hurt. I got probably a total of like 10 problems right in 3 hours. But I guess it made me better at these things.

There was an odd conversation. I basically have this weird picture of Nobu, and I showed it to both Angelina and Kangway. Here are the two resulting conversations.

hellsangel51289: OMG
hellsangel51289: WHAT DID HE DO TO HIS HAIR
bananagenes: isn't that SCARY??!?!?!
hellsangel51289: IT ISN'T LONG ANYMORE
bananagenes: oh don't worry
hellsangel51289: I CAN SEE HIS EARS
bananagenes: tht was before america
hellsangel51289: AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bananagenes: i don't know what he looks like now
bananagenes: but isn't is freaky?
hellsangel51289: *sighs with relief*
bananagenes: he showed me that at nick's house on his phone
hellsangel51289: at least it was BEFORE and he had the sense to
lose the do
bananagenes: yes!
bananagenes: he needs to send me a picture of him now
bananagenes: but i bet he cut his hair
hellsangel51289: next time, WARN me when you send me something that scary.
bananagenes: hahhahaha
hellsangel51289: i could die of a heart attack if you're nto
bananagenes: hahaha
hellsangel51289: i'm serious!
hellsangel51289: anyway, he look slike a dog like that
bananagenes: he looks really scaryyyyyyyy
bananagenes: heh
hellsangel51289: i guess tha tis different from a dog
hellsangel51289: dogs are cute
bananagenes: haha
hellsangel51289: unlike that picture
hellsangel51289: *is petrified*
hellsangel51289: YUCK

Altron GuyL5: whoa!
bananagenes: isn't that creepy?
Altron GuyL5: how old is this?!!?!?!
bananagenes: it's from before he came to america
Altron GuyL5: it's so much cooler
bananagenes: haha

That is the exciting news of the day. . . ....!

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