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Sunday, April 06, 2003

...ARRR i hate this...

I screwed up my template now i have to fix it.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone's favorite Totoro....

Okay now that I'm done messing up my template irreparably... well I kind of like this one better anyway. I guess it's happier (not that I'm going for happy or something) but it just looks more open, less... kind of, mentally claustraphobic.

I find it disturbing that both of the clocks on my computers switch seamlessly and I'm still completely confused.

I'm in too deep and I'm trying to keep up above in my head instead of going under ... I feel like I am in too deep. Not with work. I got good grades, so everything is okay, but I'm in too deep with everything else. Particularly cello. I think the problem is my severe lack of practicing. After playing for 7 years or whatever, I should be better than this. I should be much better. I think I'm going to have to go back to my sticky summer schedule of one hour every day. After a while you get used to it, and then it's not so bad anymore. Because I have to be better. Also, there's the math thing. I was so completely lost at the thing yesterday, I don't know how I even got in. It's like for all this stuff I want to scream "I'm not as good as you think I am!" But I guess I tested into the math thing, so I realy didn't fake it.

I think that's all I have for now people. Unless you want to read a really boring conversation:

bananagenes: well now i feel like a procrastinator for not doing english, but too bad
evilbeing27: haha i did it for you?
bananagenes: what?
evilbeing27: i did mine.
bananagenes: the whole thing?
evilbeing27: most of her.
bananagenes: her?
evilbeing27: yes her.
bananagenes: what do you mean her
evilbeing27: the paper.
bananagenes: how is the paper her
evilbeing27: it just is.
bananagenes: how??????????
evilbeing27: becasue paper is female.
bananagenes: paper has no gender in ENGLISH
evilbeing27: paper has no gender in many languages.
bananagenes: yeah, but particularly in english, since we are talking in english
evilbeing27: well just deal with it, i use genders for inanimate objects.
bananagenes: why
bananagenes: are you a pirate
evilbeing27: god
bananagenes: being a pirate would be kinda cool
evilbeing27: so would being dead.
bananagenes: they steal gold and they have parrots
bananagenes: that's not even morbid
evilbeing27: who said it was...
bananagenes: being dead would be not like being a pirate though, i'd go with the pirate
evilbeing27: ...
evilbeing27: wghat?
bananagenes: although pirates are kinda dirty, but if i were one i don't think i would mind
evilbeing27: ...
evilbeing27: *leaves*
bananagenes: what
evilbeing27: i have no idea.
bananagenes: okay
bananagenes: no more pirates
evilbeing27: good.
bananagenes: what would you like to talk about then
evilbeing27: up to you.
evilbeing27: just not pirates.
bananagenes: okay. how is a squirrel like an intruder of our school
evilbeing27: ?
bananagenes: how are they the same
bananagenes: i mean
bananagenes: someone who intrudes and shoots people
evilbeing27: i want to kill both of them.
bananagenes: wrong
bananagenes: or maybe it's true
bananagenes: but the answer is
bananagenes: some squirrels are rabid
bananagenes: rabies makes you go crazy
bananagenes: crazy people want to kill people
bananagenes: some people who want to kill people come into our school and shoot people
bananagenes: tada!
evilbeing27: right...

He's so annoying. GAAAAA. I want to strangle him. However, the fact that I can stand to talk to him shows still that I don't hate him. I'm waiting for that magical moment to come when I either die from talking to him or block him forever. Hope it's soon. For now, I might as well, but I haven't gotten my satisfaction yet.

I have to do homeworkkkkkkk but I won't. TOO BAD. And now, it is time for me to mess with this brand spanking new template for a while longer.

REMEMBER THIS????????!!???! Lost episodes!!! MUAHAHA

Oh yeah, and I want feedback on the new template people, in We Are the Geeks, IM me, email, whatever. You could even rent a blimp that says "I HATE THE NEW TEMPLATE MO" and point it out to me. Whatever suits you.

mo posted at 1:34 PM.