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Monday, April 07, 2003


I scanned in some pictures and I will decide which are appropriate for my wonderful viewers. I have to censor them a little, and if you are okay with me putting your face (I can blur it or something if you want) online then please tell me because it would be much more fun that way (I'm not allowed to put my own face on here, and I don't know about my body, I guess not). Stalker reasons again. I figured since certain people don't think anyone is stalking us, and it's just their legs and finger, this person would not mind being in my picture online. I think I'll try to put a new picture up with every day/post. This first one is of the "Lamp" thing. Basically someone had written "Lamp" on these street lights, and then a date. The dates on the two we found were very far apart, at least a few months, so this was odd. We capture the oddness here.

Anyhow, apparently the link on this blog gets these guys 40% of their visitors. That's just disturbing. I mean, I have nothing against their blog, but yeah, I guess that means not too many people go there to begin with (heh).

My plan is to protest against the time change. How we do that? Well the time changes, but we stay the same. So everyone should go to school at 9, get home at 4 or 5 (depending on when your school normally gets out), people will go to work at 10 and come back at 6, and TV shows that are normally on at 7 will be on at 8. And I guess the day will officially change at 1 instead of midnight. Obviously I'm protesting for the important things.

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