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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

...strawberry fields nothing is real, there's nothing to get hung about, strawberry fields forever...

I will post before I do my hour of cello (yes yes yes, I'm following it). Kangway had to paint his toenails today during lunch, and everyone was making comments about it. I think boys should randomly paint their nails, but that's just me.

A note on today's picture. This is the leprechaun we saw at McDonalds. This was on St. Patrick's day, so he's not just randomly dressing up in odd costumes (although I suppose it could be a rare coincidence).

You know what makes me mad? The fact that the track team is *excused* from school at 12:45 to go to some meet out in the middle of nowhere, while you're A) not allowed to skip school for a protest and B) they don't believe you when your parents call in and tell them you're sick. I'm serious, they never believe it. Oh yeah, and a third thing, that the people in the musical rehearse this week for 5 hours after school every day. Why don't they have THAT during school as well? Obviously sports are more important than music or education. Our school has the stupidest morals I can think of.

One more thing. Pro-war people. I guess I have said some pretty violent things on here so far but NOTHING compares to those people who want war. Okay, you know why it's dangerous to put up anti-war signs in your yard (if you live in a primarily republican/moron environment) is because the people against you are pro-war. And you know what, people who are pro-war are violent. And if they're not violent, they're just irreparably stupid, if they can be that easily fooled by the media. If you're pro-war, you're either stupid and violent, or just stupid. Have a nice day.

Tomorrow is the day of silence, and I *really* hope I don't accidentally talk. I guess I don't really talk anyway, but sometimes I do randomly, so I will have to be careful. Hopefully people won't talk to me either and try to get me to talk, but yeah.

Alright, that's all the complaining I have for now, but one good / amusing thing:

Nobu emailed me and asked me if he can cut his hair ... ^_^ hehe

Oh yeah and as a disclaimer to all of you wonderful people who are in the musical who read my blog, I don't hate you, I guess I just hate the fact that you're acting like a sports team. Eww. Sports I guess are okay, but teams really suck. Like, gymnasts are okay (note that Mo thinks the college gymnasts that we see sometimes at fitness are gross, but they're cool cuz they can flip around a million times)...

Anyway enough disclaimers, my blog is getting to angry. It's probably because I'm angry. I don't think I'm necessarily angry about all this stuff (except the war, I'm angry about that). I think I just want my shirts to come! That's what happens when you order stuff from Japan and California. It takes a bit.

Tempestuous Juice is apparently my ghetto name. Goody goody gumdrops.

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