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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

...Wiccan for a week...

This will be short and I don't have time for a picture. Today was the day of silence. I was silent. I barely even noticed not talking. The only time I almost talked was my groans during fitness. I did have the urge to say "arr..." (like a pirate) every once in a while. I did see everyone else in pain, like, not to name any names, Julie, Shruti, and a few other people I noticed either talked or kept wantign to. Or gave up completely. I don't mind that, at least they tried. I guess the huge population of people doing the day of silence really makes you think that anyone who isn't doing it is anti-gay rights. I know that is definitely not true, although I'm sure there are some people like that, I guess a lot feel like it's pointless. I agree with that, it pretty much is pointless, but I think it was good to do anyway. I guess I'll do it next year, mostly because it was really no big deal at all.

On page 405 of the geometry book, there was a problem about the goat that we had to do. I've been obsessed with that goat since last year when i saw it in Peaches' book. In Emma's book someone had written "Ask Mo about the goat" from whoever had it last year. I found this hilarious but I couldn't really comment since I was silent. I don't nkow what I would have said anyway.

Jono came home with us today, or we drove him home. My mom told him the reason, which was some people going to their house to look at leaking windows. Jono wasl ike "thank god" because us, coming from overprotective families, when we find out we have to go home with someone else, we assume someone has died or has been convicted of arson or something.

I studied bio for about 15 minutes, and then Zuke and Barr had me explain all the stuff online to them. Not that I really knew it myself. But I liked the comment:20:
barr: zuke says u r gd to study w/?
bananagenes: who do you guys usually study with, are they just missing, or is studying a new revelation?
Barr: new revelation

Another disturbing quote:

Sensei: *what* did you say?
Nathan: I just told Yuki I was going to write about his penis.
Someone: Sensei you DON'T ask him to repeat.
Sensei: I think Nathan-san needs help.

"You talked! You talked! You homophobe!" --Jeremiah to Tomek

The sad thing is I got more quotes on the day of silence than I usually do on normal days. And Maciek kept writing "WTF" on random sheets of paper because we were doing weird stuff.

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