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Thursday, April 10, 2003

...I eat my sugar cereal, and it makes my teeth bacterial!!...

This is a picture of guess who, me, edited a bit so that you can't really see me well. And because it looks incredibly cool.

Apparently people have weird names. Think about it. What if I say "I was talking to Mo, Zuke, Barr, and Peaches." Heh. That reminds me of when we called the radio and asked for "Swing Swing" by the All American Rejects, and we asked them to dedicate it to "Mo, Jono, Kangway, and Angelina" and the only name they understood was Angelina. The only moderately normal one.

I need to decide whether I'm going to the dance or not. I thought I was before, but I think it's just gonna end up being boring. If someone can give me a good reason, I'll go, but obviously no one is begging me to come. Plus, I kind of see even having the teensiest big of school spirit be easily translatable into pro-war. School spirit=patriotism. Patriotism=being for the war. Actually, Cordelia has the "peace is patriotic" pin anyway, but just as well, I hate patriotism to begin with. That's why the 5k shirts really bother me. I would seriously wear it all the time since it DIDN'T happen (maybe there really is a higher order?) except that it has an American flag on it. I think I should wave an Iraqi flag (do they have a flag?) and someone will shoot me pretty fast, if they figure out that it's not American.

Back to the topic of the dance, if I go to the pre-dance thingie, and then I can hopefully organize an anti-spring fling party. The problem is that most people going to a pre dance thing want to actually go to the dance. If I could crash it, or at least get in free, that would be different. Or even if they played just one good song. But obviously that's too much to ask for from these morons.

Hey, I got Nobu in free to the Winter Formal. I'm hoping I can wing something again. What else can I do besides that? Hmmm.... movies? anime? pizza? kangway? Heh. I don't want to see other people dress up anyway. Don't they understand that baggy clothes look so much cooler? Or at least NOT dresses. I suppose they can be okay, if they're cool. Or new at least. As long as it's not on me.

High heels make me shudder. Once I was supposed to have a baby sitter during a wedding but the baby sitter never showed up so my parents had to take me. I was wearing jean shorts. No one was too happy, except for me.

We finished watching Gattaca today in english, it was good, for the second time. YAY Ethan Hawke. PE was psychologically damaging. I can't play kickball because I can't kick and I can't run and I can't catch. I'm serious. It's probably the one thing in school that makes my self esteem go down. I was going to write a poem about this but I can't submit anymore, Unique deadline gone...

I found the best mp3 ever....... KILLER TOFU!!! Come on everyone, remember Doug? On Nickelodeon? The Beets are like, the best band ever (cuz they're the ripoff of the beatles, yay!) and so that's my song of the moment. I got it from a mildly amusing website too:

Killer Tofu! Get it!

mo posted at 6:15 PM.