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Friday, April 11, 2003

...$1,639,000.00 or priceless?...

That's how much I'm worth at humanforsale.... (found it on Tom's blog). Today health was very exciting. We were talking about teen pregnancy and stuff, statistics basically. Maciek and I were making up weird stuff. We also have this odd obsession with the way people say "my bad" (yesterday a subbie accidentally tripped into some asian college student and he said 'my bad'"), so we think of the most innappropriate places to insert that phrase. For example:

Girl: You got me pregnant!
Guy: My bad.

Person 1: You chopped my arm off!
Person 2: My bad.

Maciek: You are very bad, Mo.
Mo: My bad.

And then there's non-mybad ones, like:

Girl: You got me pregnant!
Guy: WHAT?!? YOU started it!

Girl: You got me pregnant!
Guy: Tooooo bad!

Maciek: We're in poverty, so we can share, right?
Angelina: Yeah, you can have my baby.

These will be quotes... heh.

Also, we watched a really cool video in history, with a holy goose! And these people that kept popping out of pictures. Hehe. Good day I guess. Although fitness was dumb. Sadly, it's my biggest stressor. And it's supposed to relieve stress. Well homework is not stressful. Just running.

This weekend is shot. Wow I'm such a rebel, not wearing my rubber bands in my braces. I don't really care. My teeth are straight enough.

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