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Saturday, April 12, 2003

...Ni ni ni ni ni ni ni nick, Nickelodeon...

Today has been a hectic day. I took an ACT, went to play in the orchestra, went to the japan house for a while, went back to play a solo, and I'm going to the musican tonight.

Yesterday me and Kangway thought of all the Classic Nick shows we could. Man, I loved TV back then. They have dumb shows now. Even the ones for teenagers are boring.

I'll do one every day, or something, and here's the one kept semi-remembering (since when you're a little kid you'r still too dumb to remember stuff completely, and so everything from that time is like, dream-like memories. Did they really happen?)

Land of the Lost: This was the one with the dinosaurs. They were in a car or something and they magically fell back to the dinosaur age. They seemed to be amazingly calm about it too. If that really happened I think people would be a little more freaked out. Who would you kill on Land of the Lost Hehe. At some point I think they found some other people living there too, but maybe that was another show/movie. It's so confusing. I downloaded the theme song and I didn't remember it at all but if you think you do you can get it here. Well I think that's all the time we have for today kiddies, maybe some more tomorrow. Chances are though that I'll be doing my homework sicne I actually have some maybe. English paper, math homework, flowchart, okay so it's really not much, so I'll be able to post.

Oh yeah, and today the cello ensemble DID NOT screw up! We magically did really well the first time through (maybe we practiced, or maybe last time was just a bad day) but we didn't have to throw Adrian's solo out cuz the rest of us sucked. That would have been evil. Plus he spent all winter break practicing it. You gotta reward him. Dude, the basement of that mall has good acoustics (how the hell did that happen). Well, we survived, without screwing up.


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