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Sunday, April 13, 2003

...a week's worth of cookies...

I've been thinking of good titles. I think that if I ever write a book, and it's about me (not some other topic or this wouldn't make sense), I would call it, It's Hard to Run with a Cello. I think my second grade teacher said that to me and it caught my attention. I seek cello justice.

Speaking of justice, try looking at this. Yeah, they don't tell this stuff to Americans because they don't want to let them know that war=death. Good Job. My mom said today that she figured out that 1/2 of all tax dollars this year go to the military. She said she wished she could decide where to put her taxes, and I said they already did that in my nationstate. Hehe.

Doug: I watched this for a long time. I bet I've seen every episode. I love people's names, and I love how it's drawn too. How his best friend, Skeeter, is blue, and Beebee is purple or something. Doug's adventures were very special, although I didn't like Quailman too much (except for the fact that he wore his underwear outside his shorts) my favorite episodes were always the ones with the Beets. Again you can download killer tofu here. I need to put that link in the side bar. Anyway, one of my favorite characters on Doug was always Skeeter's dad. You rarely saw him, but he could never remember the words for anything and was always saying things like, "Skeeter, you're.... that thing where you can't leave your room!" and Skeeter says, "You mean grounded, dad?" "yeah, that's it!" I can totally identify with that. My parents are always like, "you need to go to .... to... you know... that place?" It's quite annoying. I also loved the episode apparently called Doug En Vogue. This is the one where everyone's obsesed with certain clothes from a TV show, and one week it happens to be what Doug always wears. He tries to convince them that he always wears that and he's not a slave to fashion by showing them a closet full of his identical wear, but they just say "So you're a big collector, so what?" Hehe. I also like Doug's Hot Ticket where he ends up being a Beets roadie. Hehe. I love the Beets. I guess the older episodes are a little better, but they're all awesome.

I watched two episodes of InuYasha today. I like the songs. They're in Japanese. I would like it a lot better if I could watch it in Japanese although I'm greatful to Amirah for lending it to me. Next weekend is long and I have no orchestra (it's like a mini spring break like all the other schools). I therefore have NOTHING to do that weekend, and so yayayayay I can rent anime as long as my dad lends me his computer.

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