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Monday, April 14, 2003 trouble with the authorities...

Apparently, my orchestra teacher is pissed off at me because I'm always late. Pissed more than I already knew. You know what, punctuality is highly overrated. I really don't *have* to be in that orchestra. But really, if he wants to kick me out of the chamber orchestra because I was late THREE TIMES in ONE YEAR, then too bad for me. I was late the past two weeks, and I was late to the dress rehersal for the winter concert (in January). And I'm gonna have to miss part of the second to last rehersal before THIS concert, because of this other one. Ugh. I guess things could be worse. Last year he was pissed at me because I wasn't playing as well as he thought I would. There were reasons for that. One, I didn't have a full sized cello so the quality of any note wasn't as good. Two, I was less experienced a year ago than I am now. Three, I had more homework last year (sadly this is true). And four, there were TWO cellists last year as opposed to FIVE this year. Okay, so I'm doing better in the music department.

Anyway, other than that, I think that now that I'm in high school, I need a music group. Or, two actually. I want one that's just strings. Like, people who would do cool music that was either famous or just sounded really cool or really fast or something, and, get this, PLAY IT IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. My major complaint with all this stuff is that all the "concerts" are really just everyone's parents watching. I want to play in random places, where there's actually people (and summer is the prime time to do this because the instruments will not freeze and DIE). I found my part to chariots of fire. But we need a violin part too. Hum dee do. Oh yes, the second one, was that I need a "rock" band. I tried to play the guitar today, and I couldn't figure it out at all. I can't get it to sound right if I put my fingers on the little sticky-uppy things... what are they called. Anyway, I tried to do some chords when I noticed that I had tuned it all wrong. Hmph. I guess this summer would be good for that too.

The only hurdle with these things (especially with the strings one) is the severe lack of music. I guess I could order some, but I would need a group first. And I think I should watch chariots of fire, because that would be helpful. We watched the first few minutes today in English (which is why I remembered all of this) and I still haven't seen it, after like two years after playing the concert. I think we won something. I can't remember whether it was first or second. I think second. I think flutes won first. Stupid flutes they always win, and flutes sound crappy unless they're in an orchestra anyway.

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