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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

...blah blah blah...

Roveiza told me that is a skating site, and I tried to go to it. Only, I couldn't get past the part when you decided what language, and there was nothing to click on. I'm thinking it's just this computer.

School has been incredibly boring recently, but I guess that's too bad. I usually like it decently, but it's boring now. Not so much the classes as the time between them. Or lunch or whatever. I keep trying to pass the time, but I don't have anything significant I want to do. I guess I need summer break, not so much to get rid of the work (since I haven't had more than half an hour this week yet) but to get a break from the same people. Most of them are really starting to bug me. Everyone really talks about the same thing over and over. They all have their things they can't get away from. I guess mine is complaining about everyone else. I do other stuff too though, but it's pretty much all complaint-originated. Fitness today sucked, but I only ran 24 laps so it wasn't so bad. I'm praying to any god that will listen to no 5k again. That was bliss last year. We were on the starting line and it got cancelled. Although I much would have rather not had to wake up and stand in gym clothes in rain at that park, it was much better than having to run. Maybe I should do a rain dance. Actually, rain does not matter. They would make us run in the rain. It's lightning we need. So may Thor strike the PE program's dream down, and bring warmth to my heart.

Yeah so now Syria has weapons of mass destruction. As opposed to last week when it was still Iraq. Hello, they are SO not on the axis of evil. But obviously we're bored, we want oil and the troops are there, so we must randomly select another enemy! The problem is that Americans are too stupid to notice this. Anyone who thinks Syria or Iraq is the littlest bit dangerous should look at US. Us as in, we, and us as in United States. I really feel like moving.

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