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Friday, April 18, 2003

...from California to the New York Island...

I was sick on Tuesday night, and Wednesday, and pretty much Thursday too. Today I'm better. All those days I *could* have gone to school, I just had a bad sore throat and a like 99.6 degree fever, but I needed a mental health day too. The only problem is that now I'm screwed over for the history test.

However, when YOU guys were trudging to your classes, taking notes, trying not to fall asleep in class, having a math test, or doing FITNESS, *I* taught myself how to play the guitar. It's an acoustic my mom had back in... hippie times? Hmm, anyway, so she has the chords to a few songs, and a bunch that I don't know, so it means nothing to me. I told her to get some I *knew* so she's gonna print some. After 24 hours, 4 lines of Puff the Magic Dragon, and 2 lines each of Yellow Submarine, This Land Is My Land, etc, gets a little old. I also taught myself "Time of Your Life" by Green Day. I can't make it sound like them with the whole strummy stuff, but I can get the actual sounds (listen to the intro, and it's basically that repeated the whole song). Anyway, my fingers hurt like hell because of this, and therefore I'm doing the only logical thing: TYPING! Good job Mo.

I don't check my email for two days and the first two out of like 30 messages I got were from Nobu. And usually I get one email like every four days. Hum dee dum. Timing timing timing. People have this thing with sending me really important emails when I'm not there. I suppose he couldnt' really call though.

Anyway now that I'm feeling better... it's Easter weekend. CRAP. Ruining all my fun. Why is everything closed? Don't people go to church in the morning? Then what do they do all day??? Jeez. Well the movie theater has got to be open, right? My mom wants to see Holes, so obviously I'll go with. She can't really see it by herself anyway. It's kind of odd for a middle aged person to go alone to a children's movie. You have to remember to drag the kids along, even if they don't want to see it.

When is the Cowboy Bebop movie coming here? Am I missing something or is it supposed to come?

And soon, a slew of hopefully good movies are coming: MATRIX 2, T3, and even a bit later, MATRIX 3!!!! The third one is right around my birthday and the second near my half birthday...

And they seem to have a recent obsession with making movies of the books that everyone read as kids (at least our age)... or most did anyway... they had Tuck Everlasting, now Holes, and as I'm looking at imdb Ella Enchanted is going to be a movie coming out in August or so. Weird. I think I get the feeling people are running out of things to make movies about. So many movies are Blablabla 2 or Mememe 704. Very creative.

Anyway that's all for now, eep!

mo posted at 12:29 PM.