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Saturday, April 19, 2003

...I feel pretty, oh so pretty...

Cool guys seem to love to sing that. Adam Sandler in Anger Management, and Hotohori... I feel bad for deserting Iiaeaux though :( but the truth is I did go to the bookstore and to that movie with Angelina, and I think that the best part was the last scene with the watergun, and the guy jumping out of the tree. Oh and Galaxia! Sheesh he was creepy :) And the MONKS. The guy who was the monk was also the husband of Laura Brown in The Hours, and he's the husband of Roxie in Chicago. Jeeeeeeeeez.

I had some gossip, I wanted to call people and do the Telephone Hour routine (hehe)... but you don't say "they got pinned" anymore...

mo posted at 8:33 PM.