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Sunday, April 20, 2003 toenails...

I had great difficulty painting my toenails. The nail polish was all goopy, or the one I ended up using, all drippy...

Back to my routine of TV shows. But before that, all you japanese taking students, will like this (even though I bet you won't get too much of it):

Japanese people are cool and they make good animations

Now for the TV show:


Okay, I guess this is not really a "lost" TV show like Doug, because technically it's still on Nick, but it majorly sucks now. I can still watch the old episodes (I think the very first one is Tommy's first birthday?) and I've seen the first few seasons a million times each. I always identified with Angelica (hehe) because she was older, and she picked on the little kids. I always wanted her to win, for the babies to get in trouble. Tommy seriously pissed me off. He was the little righteous dude who just had to be nice to everyone. GAWD. Heh. Chuckie was awesome too and he was just like my brother (aside from the larger size thing, and the red hair). Phil and Lil were... disturbing. Seemingly identical yet fraternal twins... and my least favorite character EVER was Suzie! Suzie was Angelica's "friend" even though no one really liked Angelica. And she was friends with the babies. She just makes me annoyed. And there was this one camp episode, where Suzie goes to camp and Angelica follows to show she can be just as good... I kept thinking "and WHY does she want to be able to climb ropes and run fast?" I suppose another hint at my loathing of athletics. The episodes continually got worse as the series continued, but I basically divide it at when Dil gets introduced. Then there was a slew of movies and bad episodes, with Dil, and then later... like, Kimi or something? Chuckie's now-sister. I don't know I never watched those, but it's all just stupid. Plus the animation has changed, and it's not as simple as it used to be (which was good). But the MOST important thing I remember is Jono and Ian singing the Cynthia song during middle school. It goes "Cynthia she's a really good dancer, cynthia, moving to the groove now, yeah!" They would sing this over and over and over and over, etc. Heh. Disturbing friends I have.

Wheeeeeeeeee.... I think Mr. Butler put a piece of paper over the part in the book when photocopying the pages on the Albigersian or whatever crusade.... jono quotes are awesome... "why does the fish have a tumor" and "your shark is ready at the walgreens pharmacy"...

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