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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

...ontology recapitulates phylogeny...

I would like to remind you all of *this* (as accurate as possible):

Third Floor during First Period

The teachers and I have asked nicely that you keep the noise to a minimum so that classes can be conducted. When a teacher has to stop class to ask you to be quiet, this is WAY TOO MUCH NOISE! Teaching and learning come first; socialization second.

Since you moderate when I am up there, and then get noisy when I leave there is only one alternative:

YOU CAN'T BE ON THIRD FLOOR IN GROUPS. If you are sitting alone or with one other person studying, doing homework, or whatever--OK

There will be NO groups (three or more people) AT ALL on third floor during first period. Police yourselves and tell others about the noise they are making. If you can't make this work, I will step in and do it for you. Make a great choice and decide to do the right thing.

The next limitation will be that there will be no students on that floor during first period. Please don't make me do this. Take the socialization and talking to the lunch room, first or second floor, or to the library and away from classrooms with open doors.

hahahahahahaha I remember that (I found it in my closet). That was really stupid. Besides the awful grammar and spelling, as well as placement of emphasis on words, I get confused when someone tells me to take socialization to the library.

People are really crazy. I think we have reached a crazed maximum. We were supposed to estimate our 5k time today during fitness. So we ran a mile, and then add a minute and multiply by 3. I got 10:50, so that's practically 11, so 36 minutes. Sounds about right. That is, if I run it (ha).

We're watching Smoke Signals in english class. It's kinda funny, only I really really really hate the main character. I like Thomas though, and now everyone goes around in people's faces saying "Hey Victor!" Hehe.

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