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Thursday, April 24, 2003

...the Japanese Pink Pirate Gang...

We need a logo. Or you know, a sign, the kind that gangsters in America tatoo on their biceps or wear belt buckles of.

The caption for this one is, "Why it does this, we have no clue." Bio videos are sometimes fun. I didn't blog very much recently but I've had next to none homework so there's been time for cello AND guitar AND piano AND watching anime, all in one day. And getting to bed by 10, but waking up with allergies, taking benadryl and practically sleeping through my first two classes.

For all you brilliant people out there, the GBP site (at tom's blog) is currently here. If he succeeds, I guess I could get rid of everyone's blogs on my site (or in addition to them) just put the GBP link. Hopefully it's ever growing.

"You CAN'T CATCH IT! Here you can have it." -- me

I know I had something funny to tell you... I was laughing hysterically at something or another. OH YEAH. The english movie, we watched the teacher's guide to Shakespeare in Love, which is essentially just a big fat advertisement for the movie. It was pretty funny though, because it had Ben Affleck, and Gwenyth Paltrow in it. I told this to my dear mother, so that we could talk about the stupidity and butt ugliness of ben affleck. I felt like throwing up, and he was so stupid too. He was like, "back in Shakespeare's day, sometimes they wrote plays for specific actors, like today!" Gee, that was original. Gwenyth acted pretty stupid too. Yeah, women couldn't vote in a monarchy. Although Austin said the stupidest thing ever after that which was something like, "If they're stupid enough to say that I see why they shouldn't have voted anyway." God he's such a fucking moron. Too bad I can't slap him, he would probably crush me with his superior manly power. Althoug I agree with the guys' mindset that "Women are impossible, I don't understand them at all" or even the fact that most of them are really bitchy, stupid sexist comments like that on a REGULAR basis that aren't even jokes, really piss me off.

Okay, so Gwenyth might not be the most brilliant, but she's a higher being in comparison to Ben Affleck, who she dated at some point. Now THERE is proof that there is something wrong with her.

On the way back from PE we were discussing how in 4th and 5th grade preppy girls would always come up to us and say "I'm wearing a bra" like it was some great accomplishment. I remember those days, with some violent anger involved. Not because they told me they were wearing bras, especially because pretty much everyone else was anyway, and they didn't even NEED a bra, but cuz of all the stupid preps in that grade. UGH. Let's make a big list of them, shall we? Let me go find my yearbook, if I haven't lost it...

I had a discussion about this class witn Hani in 7th grade (he had been in my 5th grade class, but not a prep) and we decided that almost everyone was an airhead, mostly male airheads were worse, but girls sucked too. Then we went on to have a conversation about yak feces and he told me I was the only girl he knew who wasn't grossed out by that stuff. And years later, I read Jeremiah/Dan/everyone else's blog (the grainger walk i think it's called). Anyhow back to the point. There were, in the order in my yearbook

Graham Ellis: dude, he was the yucky walrus, I made up a song about him, with some of my friends, after he was impersonating a walrus (tusks made of pretzels). It went:

Graham cracker, the yucky walrus
he's a really yucky walrus
he was alive one day but now he's not
graham cracker, the yucky walrus

I used to put notes in his locker with weird things written on them, usually stuff about Animorphs, just to piss him off, cuz even though he liked Animorphs books he did not appreciate my notes, and then I would laugh maniacally.

Claire Dennis... she was okay I guess, but the evil second hand of Ali... Rita, Robert (yes Anna's Robert), Ryan, Ali (GOD. The Pledge of Allegiance story. I'll tell it later, unless I already have), Audrey (My 2nd worst enemy to date, she lives about a street away, so I see her sometimes, looking nasty as usual), renee, julia (luckily she left, she was such a little slut), Rachel (friend turned preppy 2nd week before school ended, never talked to her again), Lauren, Meggie, John, Josie, and Andre.

What a charming class. Today a certain person told us that if we wanted to cross the street we had to "get our butts out there" as she ran practically into complete traffic. We waited literaly three seconds and walked across safely. So the wannabe white girl rapster slut doesn't give the best advice on crossing streets.

I'm looking at the signatures in this yearbook. about half of them say "LYLAS." When I got those back from the preps (i made everyone sign even though I hated them), they all wrote LYLAS, and I had no idea what it meant. Then about two years later I found out it means "Love you like a sister." I gues they loved me like a sister if that meant they wanted to rip my guts out and throw them to small children to play with (no wait, they're preps, they though barfing kids were cute). Hmm.

Oh right, so bras. The cside dress code, hehehehehe. Pathetic, though I heard about that. They all dress like little skanks there, but since they're rich republicans with no breasts, I don't really think a dress code is necessary anyway.

Haha 50 cent hooker tshirts. And on sale for only 19.99 at the Limited Too! Save money when you're trying to earn it!

At least this year I have friends/fellow gangsters.

When you type into google "pokedes" it says "did you mean pokedex". Hehe the Japanese word is "po-ke-de-kku-su"

pokemon rock! HAHAHAHA.

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