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Sunday, April 27, 2003

...or we'll hit you on the head and give you a piece of cake...

Wow, a busy weekend. I'm taking a break before dinner, to post for you. Yesterday was the math competition, and Alejandra said I got about 27th in the state, which is good, but I want Mr. Russel to send out an email with the actual results. I wanna know how upperclassmen did too, so I want that email. Or at least an announcement of some sort. We can't stop hearing about how sports do. The competition was pretty good, I got 11 out of 20 right, which sadly is a good score, and on the team we kinda screwed up, but since I magically got two problems right I don't feel so bad. So then I went home for about two hours and off to Angelina's house we go with our dates to eat and set up the dance. It was me and my date (Emma), Angelina and Brett, and Hannah and Maciek. We watched Monty Python which I have had WAY too much of (before this I had only seen it once, but with 1000 quotes a day, I'm really sick of it by now).

It's off to dinner, more in a few minutes.

Alrighty. So then we went to the dance, the girls all primped beforehand, and the guys dressed up and I looked at people's makeup, cuz obviously I don't do that. So we went and set up, blew up balloons, etc, and set up the sound system, and I caught a look at the playlist which majorly SUCKED. It was so pathetic. Anyway then people started to get there. Eventually, everyone was there and there was music. It was pretty fun in all, and especially the fact that I didn't have a date for the first dance I went to in like, 6 months, so I could observe others. There were a bunch of couples but I noticed that absolutely no one hung out with their dates unless they were already an established couple before the dance. All the girls just ditched the guys, and the guys stood there wondering whether to follow or mope around together. Jono had a date, who happened to have the exact same dress as Batia, (oh my god!), andI think it's only fair that I don't like her (the date, not batia). So anyway, I hung out with a bunch of people I don't normally hang out with, but everyone was talking about THEM. As in, certain people's dates not showing up for an hour and a half. And then dancing for one song and ditching them. That's just a bitchy thing to do to anyone, it doesn't matter. I guess that was the big excitement then, and of course Julie got the scoop for us.

In other news, the music sucked completely, so I ketp moving outside or inside, only, I had to leave at 11. So I went to get my stuff, and I hear the opening sounds to Fat Lip. And I think "yeah I miss the best song they ever have a chace to play? NOOOO" so then I went back in and "danced with" my Sum41 guy, Maciek, or more like, jumped up and down crazily a few feet away from him while everyone screamed the words as loud as possible It was very fun, because that's what I like to do at dances, but there's not usually an oppurtunity to do so. So after 2 minutes of screaming and jumping (it's a lot better to listen to the song when it's loud enough you can feel it in your stomach, at 11 oclock on a saturday night in a lake house with 50 other people screaming with you than at 11 am in the hallway on Maciek's crappy pocket PC with two people. Hmm...

Oh yes, on friday I bought a bunch of shirts at the army navy store, they're cool!

And now it's time for flowcharts, bye.

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