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Monday, April 28, 2003

...people are dumb...

They are. My mom tried to reschedule an appointment for me, and said I couldn't have it before June 30, and then the person started asking if the 17th was okay. They're so stupid!

Ughmabug. Today was wonderfully noneventful. I went to school, I had an orthodontist appointment in the middle of it, and then I went back. The teachers are becoming hugely lazy at grading stuff, so they don't assign anything. I rarely have homework on weekdays anymore. We should have a history paper soon, but that's not gonna be too bad. Only 3-5 pages, and it's on stuff we have gone over. I hope.

My wonderful new clothes are all nice now, and they're all summery, now that it's gonna get cold again. ARRRRRGLE SHFARGLE. I bought about a zillion tie dyed t-shirts (dangerous to wear in warm weather because of bees), a tank top, and two pairs of zip-off pants, which were strategically bought for soon-to-be warm weather. I like clothes, clothes are fun, especially when they fit me, which is rarely because of my completely nonconformist body shape (oh great, another way in which I differ from the majority)... But I do well at army navy stores, for unknown reasons. I guess part of it is that their styles are going to be looser than preppy stores to begin with. Hum dee dum. Well it had nice clothes, but right now I have the urge to buy shoes. SHOES. I like shoes, because they fit me and it's just so fun to have shoes. Shoesshoes. I need to go to the mall this weekend and search for more stuff, particularly shoes.

I have a headache from my teeth. Obviously the tyl

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