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Tuesday, April 29, 2003


Guys, just a word of advice, never drink cranberry juice after eating Breyer's Creamsicle Ice Cream because it tastes really odd. I like both alone, that's fine, but the combination is very strange.

I really despise my PE class. This is beyond the fact that I hate PE no matter what. That they make us run, that they make us humiliate ourselves in front of class members because we can't hit/throw/catch the object at play. I hate the kids in my class. No, not the kids, the BOYS. This is an extremely pathetic class in which almost all of the disgusting boys in our class are included. They leave a few out, and there is like, one exception, which is Peaches. Other than him, I pretty much hate all of them. First of all, they're morons. They're so wrapped up in the game that they don't even notice who their team is. Or, in other words, they never bothered to learn the names of people in our class, and so say everyone's name wrong. I have heard people shouting "TESS TESS TESS OVER HERE OVER HERE RUN HOME" and then someone helpfully points out to them "dude that's Sara" or Austin yelling "CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL RUN RUN RUN!!!!" and not hear me when I tell him that her name, as of last August, is Yuzi. Another annoying thing is how they are so obsessed with the game and yell at each other afterwards, like "WE WON BY THREE POINTS" and the opposite guy saying "NO WAY YOU CHEATED!" In this respect girls are better, because at least we just say "good game good game" or nothing at all. Although it annoys the hell out of me when people who are OBVIOUSLY more athletic than me (like, majorly athletic) brag about it. Like, even in a nonbraggy way, like "I missed that one, that was the ONLY one I missed ALL YEAR! I can't believe I didn't catch it, I'm not that kind of person!" Or, after fitness, they say "how'd you do in the 12 minute run" "I got 18 laps" "SERIOUSLY??? Did you have a cramp or something???" "uh... no"

This also can extend past sports. Like, in particular, clothing or other material posessions. Like, I hate it when it rains when I am walking back from PE, because my hair gets majorly frizzified. This wouldn't bother me quite so much if people didn't make such annoying comments. Someone always seems to say, "Mo, WHAT did you do to your hair?" "it got rained on?" "But, it's all poofy!" gee thanks. Or "wow mo, your hair looks weird!" Usually the culprits for these are either clueless asians, because almost all asians have hair that doesn't frizz or tangle, or by boys with short hair, because they don't have any hair.

I want to throw up when I see the guys who got crew cuts to copy Justin. Hideous doesn't begin to describe them.

We don't have very much homework, I don't see where everyone says it comes from. Today I have Health, Japanese, and a history essay that isn't due for a week and a half. I don't get it, how do they have all that extra homework? Oh yeha, I should finish my bio papers but that should take like 10 minutes.

Oh yeah a note I forgot to add earlier, Lucas wasn't at school today, I was really happy when I found out, which was not until 8th hour when Ms. Linder pointed it out, but it put joy in my heart to imagine him being sick, or not necessarily sick, but not at the center of everyone's attention, which is obviously his main goal in life, and to get laid by the age of 17.

It also gives me great joy in my heart to be able to diss publicly on anyone in here. I mean, in paper diaries, it's not public, so you can't be happy that ONE DAY they might read it. I guess some people don't want their thoughts to be read, but I can't see why I wouldn't. I mean, no one ever listens to me in real life (and I'm pretty much not exaggerating here) so I may as well be heard here.

I did my hair in 26 minutes, which is a P/R (PR? how do you write it?) This meant shower, and drying. It's not completely dry, at the tips, but I don't deal with that. I don't include straightening in this. I think I can get my PR faster if I towel dry it the right ratio to using a blow dryer, but if I did just towel drying, it woud take hours, and many towels.

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