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Friday, May 30, 2003 three!!!...

THE END!!!! Muahahahah!

OKay so we got some quotes:

of course: "Walgreens is the funniest place in the world"


Mo: We come here EVERY day!
James (walgreens guy): yeah...
Ariana: Bye! See you tomorrow!

We saw him again today and we talked to him and he signed our yearbooks and we explained that we weren't really patriotic despite the "god bless america" sticker (now "god bless france") and the Iraqi leader card deck. Conversation:

Ariana: We're not really patriotic.
James: Cool.
Ariana: Whoa it's an american flag cigarette lighter!
James: Yeah we have some flags in the back too, you can burn.
Ariana: YAY!

Actually I bet that's completely wrong, but that's the gist of the conversation. He wrote in her yearbook that burning flags shouldn't be illegal, and for Noam to get drunk in order to prepare for college. Hmm he told me to get in lots of trouble. Yay.

We also got walgreens pens and more god bless america stickers for free! FRANCE!!!

Anyway, uhh then we took the bus to the grove, and so Noam used her bus tokens and we praise her. The picnic was boring as usual, but not as boring as last year, since I missed the first half hour. Anyway me and Maciek did the usual stuff, pokemon crabby and kingler, etc, and then me and Angelina made a salad... haha.

And then, school ended, FOREVER... or till next year. Oh yeah and we stalked down Mr. Vaughn and Splisch, so they could sign. Yepyep. They did sign! Yeyeyeyeyey. The end, and now we're done.

What should I do this summer? GO TO WALGREENS. With Noam and Iiaeaux ALOD. Goodbyeeeee.

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