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Thursday, May 01, 2003

...not the squid!...

Today was a really rainy May Day. It was not very warm either, until later when it got hot, and then cold again. Because of the generous sprinkling of rain, and the relative humidity of 100%, my hair was a huge wavy and frizzy mass. I didn't even try to battle it today, put it up, whatever, I just left it, since other people get frizzy hair problems too. And then, I went to a cside may day festival thingie, and someone complemented how nice my hair looked because of its natural waves. Hmm, that was kind of odd, but good I guess, I don't feel so self conscious about my hair now. Goody.

We went to this health fair thing during 6th and 7th periods, and we got a bunch of pamphlets and stuff, telling us how to get better physical and mental health. I took some for suicidal depression (because of all my suicidally depressed friends, whom if I don't help, may cease to exist), a bunch of stress, ones, and assertiveness. I can't decide whether I need to be more assertive or chill out. I think both. Sounds good. Although, the assertiveness one wasn't very helpful, because it just said to voice your opinions, but if no one listens to me I can't do that anyway. Oh yeah, and there was one for loneliness but there was only one copy of that one left, so angelina said "let's share it mo!" and the guy running the stand said people always make fun of that one. Heh.

We also got condoms in keychains that say "wear your rubbers." with a cow in rubber boots on it. That was interesting. They were really happy to give it to us. They knew we were high school students, but sometimes I wonder how old we look to other people. Most people at our school don't really try to look old and sophisticated (or slutty) like preps at other schools, but a couple weeks ago at the army navy store, I was admiring myself in a mirror, and this middle aged guy asked me if I worked there. Hum dee dum.

Cside humor depends entirely on crossdressing guys and hawaii.

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