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Friday, May 02, 2003

...cleavage problems...

I finally found the quotes for Smoke Signals (i had forgotten about them):

Thomas Builds-the-Fire: Hey Victor! I'm sorry 'bout your dad.
Victor Joseph: How'd you hear about it?
Thomas Builds-the-Fire: I heard it on the wind. I heard it from the birds. I felt it in the sunlight. And your mom was just in here cryin'.

Thomas Builds-the-Fire: Sometimes it's a good day to die, sometimes it's a good day to have breakfast.

Victor Joseph: I don't drink, never had a drop of alcohol in my life, not a drop.
Sheriff: What kind of Indian are you?

That's just a few, you can search for more yourself. I went to the bio lab after school to get my test back, and I went with Lillian and Rose. We all got A's and Mr Stone was like "you guys are nerds!"

I am sick, so I have to get off the computer. My immune system is broken or something.

Oh right now for the actual part about cleavage. Today I saw way too much of it. This is not a problem at school except when watching movies, which we did today. In Japanese we watched the wonderful Japanese version of The Little Mermaid. It was funny, and flounder couldnt' fit through small spaces, and yet she was able to with her shell-bra intact (as we helpfully pointed out). Hmm... and people said they were afraid of this one. i don't get how it's scary. I was never afraid of any disney movie at all. Kangway said "yeah this was back when Disney was good." excellent point.

Then there was Juliet in the 1968 version. CLEAVAGE. AAAAH! Actually Romeo was worse (not with cleavage though) and he was the stereotypical girl (I got here on love's wings, your eyes are like stars) and Juliet was telling him he's a moron (in poetic ways, kind of like our legolas thing, "and I will say something poetic to the effect of OK")

I liked it when Romeo said "the darkness of night will cover me" (while we were reading the play) and Amirah says "GOD!!" really loud. Hehe.

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